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First Forward Camp
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The First Forward Camp is an area in the south east of the Blue Lagoon region on Pandora. The easiest way to access it is by river, from the East or South Fence. There is also a path which leads westwards into the Second Forward Camp. There is a Link Shack located in the camp, along with a few standard shacks, an A-Pod, and a GMI unit. Two Solar Containers are on site, used as an energy source. There is also a concrete building with supply crates inside, located next to a solar container and across from the link shack.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder came to this area by Gator on his way to meet Kendra Midori. He had to help Dalton fix two Repulsor Pods along the fence line that had been sabotaged, which allowed viperwolves to roam within the fence. He returned after fixing the pods and used the link shack there to enter his avatar for the first time outside of Hell's Gate.