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Flux Vortex
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Pandora, Tree of Souls

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The Flux Vortex is a natural phenomenon on Pandora that occurs most strongly near the Tree of Souls, although it spreads throughout the Hallelujah Mountains. The Flux Vortex interferes with the guidance instruments of weapons and aircraft, rendering them imprecise or unusable. Because of the influence on the instruments, pilots need to navigate by visual flight rules (VFR) until they either reach their destination or pass entirely through a vortex. The cause of this anomaly is unknown, but it is believed that the Flux Vortex is related to the effects of a magnetic field.

The Flux Vortex, or any of the vortices on Pandora, are explained in James Cameron's scriptment of Project 880:

Polyphemus (the massive planet around which Pandora revolves) has a mother of [a] magnetosphere... a naturally occurring magnetic field a million times more powerful than Earth's. As Pandora rotates and revolves through this field, its molten iron core generates its own field, with "cells" or vortices which are small regions of intensely powerful magnetic force at the surface.

The guidance systems of a Samson being affected by the Flux Vortex