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Fort Navarone
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Demo

Fort Navarone is a location on Pandora that is featured in the James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Demo but was not included in the finished product. It is a lush jungle where packs of viperwolves live and several scorpion thistles and baby stems grow.

Colonel Miles Quaritch deployed a SecOps trooper to assist other SecOps infantry in clearing the area of hostiles in order to allow the safe passage of jungle-clearing construction vehicles. After helping to eliminate packs of viperwolves, a sturmbeest, hammerhead, and numerous Na'vi targets, the trooper continued to meet heavy resistance in the southeast side of the area. However, SecOps forces managed to push back continued resistance.


  • Landing Area
  • Base Camp
  • Swamp
  • Waterfall
  • Hammerhead
  • Far Camp
  • One Last Fight
  • Conclusion