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The FEBA (Forward Edge of the Battle Area) is one of the most clandestine sectors in the RDA territories, with classified battlefield operations being conducted for some time. Sustaining control in the face of Na'vi insurrection has proven difficult, with hostile incursions remaining a constant threat. The FEBA carries the dubious distinction of having the highest casualty rate of any field of operations on all of Pandora. This area is only accessible when playing the RDA storyline of Avatar: The Game.

Despite a tense truce in other sectors, the FEBA has been unable to maintain a peaceful distance between both factions. Led by the vicious Tipani warrior, Beyda'amo, the Na'vi have kept RDA units from establishing full control throughout the region.

When fighting for the RDA, Able Ryder is deployed to this brutal zone to search for three unobtanium shards in order to tune those shards to a willow tree in the area. Throughout his quest, Ryder manages to single-handedly bring down a hammerhead titanothere and a thanator guarding some unobtanium shards, as well as helping nearby RDA forces to win numerous skirmishes against Pandora's inhabitants, further resulting in more heavy casualties to the Na'vi and Pandora's wildlife.

Ryder also manages to kill Beyda'amo, resulting in a total Na'vi retreat and the RDA gaining full control of the FEBA.


Additionally, the south western tip of Stalker's Valley crosses into the FEBA.


  • In an earlier revision of Avatar: The Game, the area was entitled "Still Lands".


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