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Commander Fulson is a female Navy officer and the head of Camp Zulu in the Grave's Bog sector. She arrived on Pandora over five years ago and moved quickly through the ranks. She earned her first command when her Commanding Officer was killed by a pack of viperwolves while off-site on a solo trek. She stepped in as a leader, and very quickly showed improvements in the camp structure. She's never looked back since.

In Avatar: The GameEdit

During Able Ryder's deployment to Grave's Bog in his search for harmonic crystals and a willow tree, he encounters Commander Fulson in Camp Zulu after a raid on a Na'vi village; she is amused when she learns of Ryder's mission, saying "What will the Corps (RDA) think of next". Fulson orders Ryder to assist in the defense of Camp Zulu against a small herd of sturmbeest and a large force of Na'vi warriors. With Ryder's help, Fulson's SecOps troops are able to kill all of the attackers.

However, Fulson tells Ryder that the base is detecting readings of a very large herd of sturmbeest that is stampeding towards the Camp, and that the defenses won't be able to withstand an attack of that size. She then tells Ryder to man a gun turret on a Swan attack vehicle, and to act as part of a diversionary convoy designed to lure the sturmbeest herd to an area pre-designated for a heavy airstrike.

After a series of heavy skirmishes, the convoy of Swans is successful in its objective, luring the vast herd away from Camp Zulu to the pre-designated strike zone, where the herd is annihilated by the heavy airstrike. Ryder never contacts Commander Fulson again after that moment.

It is assumed that Commander Fulson continues to run Camp Zulu in relative peace, considering the dramatic decrease in sturmbeest numbers following the heavy airstrike, in addition to the large decrease in local Na'vi numbers due to Able Ryder's actions.


  • Fulson referred to Able Ryder as "fresh meat", mirroring the line delivered by Lyle Wainfleet as the new recruits entered Hell's Gate.


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