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The RDA's PBR Mark IV (Patrol Boat River) is a highly versatile boat popularly called a "Gator". It has a lightly armored hull and an above-water jet drive that enables it to operate in shallow, vegetation-choked rivers. Its fast speed and maneuverability makes it a popular choice for RDA operatives and security, due to its convenience and ease of traverse in areas where ground vehicles are incapable of moving through the lagoons, lakes and swamps in Pandora. In this case, operating a Gator provides safe haven from the predatory land fauna and flora of Pandara, allowing a route of quick escape and passage that fast ground vehicles would have trouble getting away with.

However, one significant weakness of the Gator is that it is lightly armored and defenceless. The sailor and its passengers are exposed to the elements and is vulnerable from Na'vi range attacks. The Gator also lacks any formal weapons to defend itself, although one can affix small firearms to turn it into a fast attack craft, or load the boat with a small team of infantry to turn it into a light landing craft. Furtermore, the seacraft is lightly armored and could not withstand too much physical damage, which is further compounded by the fact that it is easy to accidentally beach the Gator, making the vehicle a sitting duck. As such, it functions similiarly to the Buggy. There are several of these scattered around the Blue Lagoon.

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