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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Ghost Caldera is an area in the north east section of the Hanging Gardens region. It is connected to the Frontline via a path to the south, and Runner's Row via a branch in the north. Thistle Hills can be accessed via a liana that hangs down from a branch on the southern road. It is home to an enormous Tipani clan settlement, with vast structures and open fires. There are numerous large branches that can be used to traverse the complex, weaving in and out of the huge structures. Drums, racks of meat and loom-like objects are scattered around the area. The place is home to several species of plant in addition to the Na'vi locals; species such as the puffball tree and thistle bud are seen frequently.

Na'vi archers are known to take up positions on the massive winding branches, attacking intruders from high above. This is why one must be very careful when passing through the area on the branches, as the Na'vi archers can easily shoot a person off, with them falling down to ground from high above, which would almost certainly lead to the players death.