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Glow Worm
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Arachnolumera nitidae - shining glow worm




8 to 15 centimeters

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James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

Glow worms (Na'vi name: eltungawng meaning "brainworm") contain a psychoactive alkaloid that, when used in conjunction with the venom of the arachnoid, can induce hallucinations. The Na'vi use glow worms from a specific willowlike tree for the rite of Uniltaron. They believe that these worms from the "sacred" tree can impart vital information to the prospective warrior.

Anatomy, Habitat and Feeding[edit | edit source]

They are cylindrical bioluminescent invertebrate, and have no appendages. They live in the rainforest flora and eat decayed plants, fungi, and leaves. They have been seen in a variety of locations, including airborne regions such as the Skycliffs. Alternate skin colors also exist, including red and orange striped worms.

Ethnobotany[edit | edit source]

Lungoray's glow worm potion

The Na'vi have found many uses for those brilliantly lit worms. They are often harvested for medicine, used to light bladder lanterns, and often some shamans can use them to charm powerful beasts. Lungoray created a potion using glow worms Nok had collected, and the potion spurred Eywa to control a hammerhead named Au Tsum and sent him smashing through the nearby RDA base.

Avatar: The Game (NDS)[edit | edit source]

Nok was sent by Lungoray to retrieve several glow worms to prove that he was indeed the Alaksi Nari. The worms resided in large, purple pods which must be broken to retrieve the worms.

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