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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

Greenhome is a Na'vi village and home to the Tawkami clan. The village is centered around a skeletal totem and has numerous buildings dotted on the surrounding cliffs. The Olo'eyktan lives in a cave near the center of the village. The Lore Sharing Shrine, home to the Tsahìk, is in the south. A bridge leads westwards over the river. There is a large Hometree which looms over the village.

Avatar: The Game[]

The NDS game begins in Greenhome. The Tawkami clan had become aware of the human presence in the jungle and locked down the village to try and keep the children safe. Nok and his friend Omati were curious though and managed to escape. Nok managed to free the captured Elders and then ascended Hometree to reach a Dragon Assault Ship that had landed in the upper branches. He was able to defeat an AMP suit on the roof of the ship and cause the humans to flee the area.

Nok later returned to the area to retrieve a Glow Worm from the eastern side of the village.