RDA Grenade
Weapon Information

HEFRAG (high explosive fragmentary)

Used by
Manufactured by

Matanza Arms Corporation


.81 kilograms


165 millimeters loong

Behind the scenes
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RDA Grenades are handheld explosives issued to RDA soldiers.


The standard upper timer cap has a delay adjustment dial that can be set to between two and eight seconds. The green plastic “spoon” flies off when released, activating the timer. With the spoon off the grenade, it is perfectly round and can be rolled. The standard cap is screwed onto a variety of cartridges; high explosive fragmentary, incendiary, smoke, stun, etc.


There is no clear example of these weapons being utilized by the RDA during the climactic battle; though some of the explosions on the ground battlefield (which are partially responsible for many deaths and the retreat of the Na'vi) may have been caused by thrown grenades.

On the Na'vi side, however, one of Jake Sully's most important roles was taking down the Valkyrie that was being positioned to drop improvised bombs onto the Tree of Souls during Assault on the Tree of Souls. Due to the fact that his M60 Machine Gun and the Na'vi's bows and arrows had no effect on the thick armor, Jake made a dangerous run on top of the Valkyrie, taking down the RDA security personnel in the gun nests, and throwing a pair of grenades taped together as a makeshift explosive into one of the aircraft's vents. The grenades detonated within the Valkyrie's engine, which effectively disabled the Valkyrie and prevented the bomb-dropping. However, when Jake tried to do the same thing on Colonel Quaritch's Dragon Assault Ship, the Colonel noticed him on board before Jake could place the granades and abruptly changed course. Jake momentarily lost his balance and, as a result, dropped the pair of grenades, one of which slid off the chassis of the assault craft without detonating, one detonated destroying part of the hull, allowing the atmosphere of Pandora to leak inside.

Real World Edit

Grenades in the modern day are typically used in an anti-personnel role, as opposed to an anti-materiel role; however, their method of operation is almost identical. Although most modern militaries use explosive charges specifically designed for antivehicular use, the usage multiple grenades strapped together for a larger effect does have historical precedent: before World War II, there were no specifically designed anti-tank grenades or charges; therefore, soldiers would place multiple grenades into a bag and position the bag someplace where the tank would get dangerously close.[1]

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Weapons Armory Set

A photo of some of the film's weapons, a trio of grenades shown around the right.

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