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Grub Plant
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Limacina erecta - erect and slug-like

Behind the scenes
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Grub plants have bulbous stems and no leaves. However, the tips do have primitive sensory cells. The coloring of it is to camouflage itself among the other foliage in the Pandoran forests. The plant has horizontal striations. From these, new stems grow, break off, take root, and grow into new plants. The bulbous stem is used for storing lipids, and animals graze on it because of this.

The sensory organs at the tip of the plant are sensitive to smells and inform the plant when an animal approaches. It then shrinks down to a smaller size as a defense mechanism. These sensory organs make it technically a zooplantae rather than a plant.

The RDA has conducted experiments on the lipids stored in the stem, in the hope of using it as a cheap form of biofuel.

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