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Hammerhead Graveyard
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

"It is a sacred place. Few Na'vi ever go there."
- Lungoray describing the area to Nok.

The Hammerhead Graveyard, also referred to simply as "The Boneyard", is a mass grave in the northwest corner of Dusk Valley. The place is named after the remains of titanotheres, which litter the area. Aged hammerheads travel long distances to die in the sacred boneyards, possibly through Eywa's influence. It is also home to florae such as the Nerve Plant and riddled with an extensive cave system. RDA scientists built a research station there, among other things studying synthetic modifications of Pandoran plants.

Avatar: The Game[]

Nok was sent into the area by Lungoray. He followed the trail of destruction left by the rampaging hammerhead Au Tsum. Nok fought his way through to the base, only to be captured in Ossman's electric fence. Molly attempted to save him, but was electrocuted and fell unconscious. Ossman abandoned his daughter and the base, flying away. Nok managed to escape the fences and fought his way out while Lungoray cared for Molly.



  • The concept most likely originates from the Elephant Graveyard, a 1930s concept to explain why elephants sometimes carry bones of their kind around; that they were carrying them to the mythical site. The fabled graveyard would have of course been rich in ivory.