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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Hanging Gardens is a location in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. Human settlers first set up camp in the sector in 2147, led by a team of RDA terraformers. Within days, however, vines and weeds had grown back inside the encampment, threatening to overwhelm the operation. Repeated bulldozer clearing failed to push back the creeping plants, as did controlled fire walls and chemical defoliations. Though they possess the firepower to clear through thick vegetation, the RDA opted to move their efforts elsewhere and the Hanging Gardens were abandoned.

To this day, the sector retains the moniker "The Hanging Gardens" for the thick flora growth enveloping all remaining RDA structures. Rumors persist about a hidden Na'vi cavern the RDA have dubbed the Lost Cathedral.

Though the Hanging Gardens were abandoned in prior years, the RDA eventually returned to the area, searching for harmonic unobtanium shards and hunting three avatar traitors. Within a few weeks, SecOps troopers established an open clearing large enough to establish a modest military presence, complete with long-term supporting infrastructure. This main base is known simply as The Drop.

When fighting for the RDA, Able Ryder is deployed to this zone to search for three unobtanium shards in order to tune those shards to a willow tree in the area. Ryder also helps the RDA to kill the three avatar traitors who are leading the Na'vi in their own search for unobtanium shards.



  • In an earlier revision of Avatar: The Game, the area was entitled "Coualt Highlands".