It's basically a harmonic signal, very alien but easily decipherable... at least for me. - Able Ryder
Willow Tomb

A willow tree, bearing a harmonic.

A harmonic is a signal of some sort, contained within certain willow trees on Pandora.

Harmonics are the key to the location of the lost Well of Souls, a location the RDA and Na'vi fought over in 2148. With four harmonics, it is possible to triangulate the location of the site. For the Na'vi, this interpretation can be done by an elder, but the RDA were able to do so using a computer at Hell's Gate.[1] The two collected them all independently, resulting in a race across the Tantalus region for the lost site. In the ensuing conflict, Commander Falco was killed.

By placing unobtanium shards at "tuning points" around the area, a harmonic can be drawn out. Additionally, one with the abilities of "The First Voice" can draw a harmonic out without the use of shards.

Harmonic SitesEdit

There are seven known harmonic sites on Pandora-


  1. Avatar: The Game- "If you collect enough harmonics, we can triangulate the precise location of the dormant Well of Souls"