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The Healing Rose is a gigantic plant found predominantly in wooded areas. It has a similar shape and size to the poisonous and deadly Pseudocenia Rosea, with the exception of the hook-like petal on the lateste. Measuring nearly six meters tall, it produces nectar with various regeneration and healing powers, both spiritual and physical.

Discovery by the Tawkami[edit | edit source]

What is now considered to be a sacred Tawkami ritual was actually born from accidental discovery. An unfortunate pair of Tawkami crossed paths with a hungry pack of viperwolves. The na'vi were wounded by the razor-sharp teeth of the beasts. They ran furiously and came upon a field of large, pitcher shaped plants. In a moment of pure desperation, the duo climbed inside to hide. The viperwolves miraculously lost track of their scent and gave up the hunt. As the clan mates climbed out of the enormous plants, they were astonished; their wounds had been healed. [1]

Ethnobotany[edit | edit source]

Since its discovery, the healing flower has been used to create various soothing potions and cures. This particular plant plays a large role in the lives of the Tawkami. This clan of spiritual alchemists draws high-power wisdom from inside the Silronzem Rosea. They climb inside the plant to practice a form of meditation that can last up to four full days.

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