Hegner is a head of Xenobiology. Hegner lost his Avatar to a Slinth.

There's a crazy guy bussing the table named HEGNER. Moving slow and vacant-eyed, he's obviously doped up on something prescribed by the base psychtech. Grace tells them that Hegner used to be head of Xenobiology until his avatar got killed... ripped apart by a SLINTH...

The slinth eats it alive. Hegner felt himself die, and he hasn't been right since. Added to the trauma is the loss... the loss of his other life, the one lived in his avatar body.
Like many of the controllers, he came to see it as his real life, with his human life taking on the feeling of a boring dream.

Project 880

So what happened to Hegner?
Grace tells him that Hegner's avatar was not just killed by a slinth. He let the slinth take him. Suicide. He was dying of a broken heart, and being in the avatar body without his loved one was just too painful. He managed to fall in love with a Na'vi girl, some say they were married... and she was killed. She was one of the five killed by the SECFOR troopers in the incident which caused the big rift between the two species. And Hegner went crazy. Her name was Li Na.
There are many dangers on Pandora, Grace says, and one of the subtlest is that you may come to love it too much.

Project 880

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