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Hell Truck
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Hell Truck


Dump Truck


Transports unobtanium from the mines to Hell's Gate


~18 meters long

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Hell Trucks are used by the RDA to transport unobtanium from the mines back to Hell's Gate.


The trucks are so massive that an average human on Pandora is less than half the height of one of its tires (which are 4.5 meters in diameter). The wheels are extremely large, so it can plow through the thick brush and foliage of Pandora's jungle terrain, or crush and ram any threat that stands between it and Hell's Gate.

The trucks are also armored and are able to withstand small-arms fire, but large and sharp objects or heavier firepower are able to penetrate its armor plating. The truck is one of the largest land vehicles ever constructed. On Pandora, the roads have to be compacted as tightly as possible to prevent the truck from sinking into the ground. Advanced electronics must be shipped from Earth, but the rest of the truck is manufactured on Pandora.

Mission Profile[]

The Hell truck is a large-load soil and ore transport. It is manned by two operators: a driver, and a payload monitor. Most Pandoran soil has a high moisture content and can be compacted up to 18 percent. Because of the unobtanium in the soil, the load floats slightly, making it lighter and easier to haul. In some cases the ore must be sealed inside the bed to prevent it from floating away.

The truck receives its payload from wheel loaders, robotic dozers, and grinder conveyor belts. Since it is one of the largest vehicles ever constructed, it requires the best in hydraulic assist power steering. Even with that, steering the vehicle is like driving a skyscraper down a narrow street.

Twenty hydraulic brakes ensure the vehicle eventually comes to a stop, although it requires several hundred yards to accomplish. Six titanium laced tires support the truck and its massive cargo. The truck gets its nickname because of its noisy, ungainly, and slow tendencies.


The truck has some useful features on board to make the job easier:

  • An on-board compactor reduces the cargo profile by 18 percent depending on soil density
  • Moisture evaporators dry the soil making it up to 14 percent lighter.
  • Cameras all around the truck ensure the driver has a clear view of the surrounding environment.


  • There is an optical illusion in Drill Base Omega in the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game. From above on a bird's eye view, the Hell Truck looks like it is the same size as the RDA Bulldozer, at 39.7 meters. However, that is due to differences in elevation. Playing the mission fully or looking at the holographic imagery showcase that the vehicles are accurate in size.
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