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Tipani Helmet
Weapon Information


Used by

Protection of the head

Manufactured in


Manufactured by

Na'vi; Tipani Clan

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Many Tipani apprentices wear a special helmet, which is essentially a long strand of leather wrapped around animal or insect shells to hold them in place. These protective bonnets are used during preliminary training apprentices must face without the aid of an elder. While the na'vi do not fear, wise elders ask the young to wear helmets when attempting difficult man-oeuvres. Most obviously, their function is a form of protection, but the helmet also trains clarity and confidence of mind. The spirits of long-lost animals whisper through the shell into the psyche of the warrior in training to empower moves while creating an inner sense of calm.[1]

A helmet is also present in both the karyu and nawma ni'awve sets of armor, worn by hunters and spiritualists respectively.[2]