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The Highcrags are a cluster of floating mountains far above the Pandoran surface. The RDA used explosives to mine the area for unobtanium, much as they attempted to do in the Skycliffs. The area had been completely ravaged by the explosives, resulting in a rocky wasteland. There is a tall labyrinth known as Floating Cave which the RDA mined extensively.

Avatar: The Game[edit | edit source]

Nok travelled to the area and met Seyvaro, who told him about the mining problems in the local area. Nok travelled through the cave and spoke with Dr. Ossman. Ossman discovered that Nok had been the source of Molly's change of heart, and decreed that the two would never meet again. Nok had to defeat a Digger to escape the cave. Thankfully the willow tree was unharmed by the mining operations, and Nok was able to commune with Eywa. The Tawkami Clan's elders met him there and revealed that Nok was the Alaksi Nari.

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