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The Hulanta Clan is a Na'vi clan that lives in the Wetlands by water. The Hulanta clan's symbol is water, and whirlpools are often used in their designs, as they consider water to be sacred. The Hulanta are experts in pottery and weaving.[1]


When the Hulanta clan first chose to settle in the wetlands, their original Olo'eyktan created the first water container, and it became a precious relic to the clan. However, the relic was stolen at some point by RDA member Phil Bennet, and the clan did not perform their Water Ceremony in over 10 years as a result.

Roate 2

Tiaru killed by the RDA

Around the year 2170, the Hulanta were attacked by the RDA administrator of Forward Base, Trinity Harper, and the Wetlands area bombed. The Olo'ekytan Tiaru died in the attack while the Tsahìk Angat was captured, and apparently taken to a prison camp near where the Tayrangi Clan lives.

The surviving Hulanta had to leave their home.[1] Ro'até stepped up to become the new clan leader.


It is mentioned the clan holds a festival once every 4 or 5 years. At the start of this festival, a lead singer is selected.

They have a ceremony called the Flowing Water Ceremony. In this ceremony, they make an offering to Eywa using the waters. They make small circular boats and put unique offerings in them. The ceremony can be seen here.

Another ceremony is a rite of passage where Na'vi children must cross a river somehow in order to become Hulanta. This rite is about making them understand the importance of teamwork and to pay tribute to their ancestors. These children must also wear special adornments in order to participate in this rite.[1]

In order to be seen as an adult in the clan, members must make their own bow.

Tetrapterons are their spirit animal and consider them their family. It is also against the clan's traditions to kill an animal when it is hunting, due to a belief animals deserve a chance at fighting for life and survival.


Hulanta Hometree 2

The Hulanta Hometree

Na'vi clans tends to carve out an area of their Hometrees as a communal space. For the Hulanta clan, an entire empty central hall is the gift of the Hometree. This is where the men and women of the Hulanta would gather when the Olo'eyktan and Tsahik would address the entire clan. Likewise, the clan would have lively bonfire celebrations here. Even without taking into account the humidity of the air in the wetlands, the thick bark of the Hometree is somewhat fire resistant, so the Hometree is rarely ever burnt by a bonfire. Still, the firekeepers of the Hulanta clan who keep the fires burning are always on guard in case an animal or a careless clan member knocks over the fire pit - a point repeatedly emphasized in the clan's songs.

Spirit Tree[]

Tree of Echoes

The Tree of Echoes

The Spirit Tree of the Hulanta clan, called the Tree of Echoes, is surrounded by steep rock walls that are extremely slippery from moss and dew, but some of the Hulanta still insist on climbing the rock walls here every day to link to the Spirit Tree. The rainfall in the wetlands is tremendous. In Hulanta clan lore, one year the rain came so hard that it even filled the sunken basin completely, leaving the entire Spirit Tree barely above the water at its highest point. When the rain stopped, the entire Hulanta clan rallied, with groups of adult Na'vi scooping water into the river outside in baskets, while the elderly and children wove water baskets and prepared meals for them. With the efforts of the whole clan, the water under the Spirit was finally drained successfully. This story became a group memory of the Hulanta clan and was recorded in their songs and passed down from generation to generation.

Known Members[]

Na'vi Status Title Portrait
Tiaru Deceased Olo'eyktan of the Hulanta clan
Tiaru new
Angat Alive Tsahìk of the Hulanta clan
Angat new
Aneya Alive Craftsman
Fatao Alive He trained Raven in the use of a bow
Fatao new
Kirano Alive Kirano's parents were killed by humans
Ro'ate Alive Tsakarem in training
Ro'até New
O'ame Alive Ro'até's half-sister
Omi Alive Na'vi trader
Sahane Alive Na'vi trader
Sahné Story
Taktu Alive Village elder in the Hulanta clan
Txusim Deceased None


  • No'eng (deceased)
  • Ra'ang
  • Ma'ne - Hulanta elder
  • Angan
  • Awuyu
  • Erpat


  • There was a morbid side quest about a father (Txusim) getting birthday gifts for his teenage daughter until she becomes an adult. The player never sees the daughter. However, the player later learns Txusim died from illness after some time has passed, and that his daughter actually died 3 years ago, and the whole point was Txusim making gifts for his deceased daughter.


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