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Species Information
Home Planet



Homo sapiens


Range from pinkish-white to almost black


1.26m-2.4m (average 1.68m)

Eye Colour

Brown, blue, grey, green, gold, hazel, turquoise and rarely, violet

Hair Colour

Brown, black, blonde, red, grayish-white to fully white

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


Humans (Na'vi name: tawtute meaning "sky people") are a sentient, bipedal mammalian species native to Earth, who by the 22nd century has become a technologically advanced species capable of interstellar travel and colonization. Humans are the first and only alien species known to the Na'vi, another sentient species native to Pandora, where the humans arrived in search for and to extract the rare mineral unobtanium.

Humanity began forays into the universe during the mid-20th century, first by launching primitive satellites into low orbit, then sending human occupants to orbits. About 25 years after the first unmanned craft was launched from Earth, humans first made the journey to the nearest celestial body to Earth, the Moon. Trips to and from the Moon occurred for a decade. Humanity then set up an international coalition dedicated to fund and build an international space station in low earth orbit. After this, private corporations grouped together and built interstellar vessels like the ISV Venture Star, which allowed the human race to expand to other nearby star systems, particularly the Alpha Centauri System, and explore their planets and moons.


Humans are mid-sized hominid primates and the only extant species of the genus Homo, with an upright bipedal posture and highly dexterous forelimbs adapted for fine motor functions. The human skeletal structures are quite weak by Pandoran standards, and are prone to losing muscle strength in the lighter gravity of Pandora. Humans also display sexual dimorphism, with the male humans generally being a bit taller and more muscular than females. In combat, humans tend to avoid melee and favor chemically powered projectile weapons, and employ heavy use of aircraft and weaponized exoskeletons such as the AMP suit.

Like Pandoran animals, humans are oxygen-breathers but cannot survive in the high-carbon dioxide atmosphere of Pandora, and thus are heavily dependent on air filtration systems such as exopacks.

Humans have highly developed brains capable of abstract reasoning, advanced language, introspection, problem-solving and organization, and over the millenia have accumulated vast quantities of knowledge and expertise. Although human brains are far less anatomically complex than the Na'vi brains, which are specially evolved for interspecies neural bonding, humans are far more capable in designing and building complex machineries and therefore are superior in terms of resources and technological sophistication.


Humans have created advanced technology over the centuries, including subluminal travel, which is required to travel between Earth and the Alpha Centauri system in a realistic time span. Since humans are unable to breathe Pandora's atmosphere, they must use exopacks (supplied to them by the RDA) when on the moon's surface. The Avatar Program technology enables the transfer of human consciousness into cloned human/Na'vi hybrids, known as avatars. Once transferred to an avatar body, a human can live comfortably on Pandora.


Even though the humans have advanced technology, they have ravaged their planet, Earth, to the point of resource depletion. As such, the economies of Earth nations have become poor. The majority of power on Earth has been split up among powerful companies, corporations and organizations that enlist ex-military soldiers and civilians.

Here is a list of some human companies and organizations.


The mission for humans is seen in the actions of the RDA - to venture to Pandora and mine the mineral unobtanium, which is valued at 20 million dollars a kilogram. The Security Operations group, which is owned by the RDA, has been installed at Hell's Gate to protect the interests of the RDA as they mine the valuable mineral from Pandora. SecOps also serves to prevent any and all intrusions by Pandoran natives. However, the RDA's plans are foiled by the Na'vi who defeated them in the Assault on the Tree of Souls, and since then, most humans have been exiled from Pandora.