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They're fond of arrows dipped in a neurotoxin that will stop your heart in one minute.

- Colonel Quaritch.

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Hunting Arrow
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  • Na'vi - hunting and defending against enemies
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1.5 - 2.5 meters

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The hunting arrow is a ranged weapon, relatively short so that it can be maneuvered in a jungle environment. As with all other forms of Na'vi technology, this arrow has changed little over the course of eons.


The standard Na'vi arrow has an oversized bone arrow point bound to a reed shaft with glue and fiber. The Na'vi bow draws to about one-half the bow length, and bow length falls a little short of the height of the archer, making arrows approximately 7 feet in length.

Fletching is feather in two styles, lashed with plant fiber or animal sinew. One style is a standard straight two feather fletch made of tail feathers so it lies vertically and flat on the shaft. The other is a spiral fletch wrapped around the shaft that causes the arrow to spin and be more accurate. The fletching is trimmed to ensure rapid flight. Although neurotoxin is used on Na'vi arrows to subdue the large fauna present on Pandora, it is not needed for smaller quarry due to the size of the arrow point, and the massive nature of the arrow.


Neytiri teaches Jake Sully how to use a hunting arrow.

The Na'vi are not known to utilize quivers to carry their arrows in bulk, and often do not carry more arrows than a single hand can fit as well as their bow. The Na'vi bow styles are different from that of the human, drawing arm usually upturned and the hand backwards, with two long fingers holding the string taut. The Na'vi are exremely accurate with their arrows, which fly relatively fast, and can pack the punch to go through a human ship's windshield (which are actually not bulletproof, as demonstrated on Trudy's Samson 16 by Miles Quaritch on the flight line) at close range, as depicted several times in the Battle of the Tree of Souls. However, if the range is too far, or the arrow strikes at an angle rather than head on, it merely creates chips in the windshield, as depicted in the destruction of Hometree.

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