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The Na'vi hunting knife is a commonly used tool by all members of a Na'vi clan. The blade is made from the wing claw of an ikran (banshee), and is of a size so that it can be used in many different ways.

Jake and Quatrich final battle.

Quaritch attempts to slit Jake's throat with his own knife.

The blade comes in a variety of shapes, such as straight or curved, and is somewhat translucent. The handle is most likely made out of wood or other organic matter. A notable fact is that each handle is customized by its wielder, and can range from bare timber to being covered in organic netting. It is also speculated that it is traditional to customize the blade's sheath, as well as the blade, as every knife is different in every aspect, showing the personal imprint on it from its maker and user. The sheath of the weapon is most likely made of timber, and can be placed at the hip, or across the chest held in a series of straps, made from the tanned hides of local wildlife.

The knife is a very important part of the culture of the Na'vi. In fact most of the members of the Omaticaya clan carry a knife for different purposes (hunting, combat, skinning, etc.). The knife is the most used life-ending weapon during hunting and it is part of the rite for the blessing of Eywa. The knife may also be used for melee or close range combat as evidenced by Neytiri when she defends Jake Sully from viperwolves. It is not explained how hunters come to own a knife before they become Ikran Maktos, a required rite of passage.

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