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Iknimaya, commonly referred to as Verdant Pinnacle by humans, is a region of the Hallelujah Mountains inhabited by the Tipani Clan. Vayaha Village is the core settlement in the region. It is notable for including Ayawa Ikran, the 'path to heaven', leading up towards Mons Veritatis. Young Na'vi of both Tipani and Omaticaya must ascend the treacherous path to reach the Banshee Rookery as part of the synonymous rite of Iknimaya. This rite is an essential part of taming a banshee, and becoming a warrior in both cultures.

The region came under human attack in 2152, with the RDA deploying drones and foot soldiers all over the area. After multiple skirmishes and the destruction of several SecOps installations, the tensions culminated in a full-scale attack on Vayaha Village. Thanks to the efforts of Able Ryder, the Dragon Assault Ship at the core of the invasive force was brought down, and the village saved.

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  • Iknimaya is also a multiplayer King of the Hill map, although with a different layout.

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