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An Ikran Makto (English: Banshee Rider) is a Na'vi individual who manages to ride a mountain banshee. Becoming an Ikran Makto is a rite of passage that all Omaticaya clan hunters must pass. A Na'vi has only one chance to tame an ikran; the struggle between the rider and mount culminates in tsaheylu which, when shared between a Na'vi and an ikran, is a lifelong bond. This bond must be sealed immediately by the Na'vi guiding his or her ikran on their first flight together.

The process of becoming an Ikran Makto includes the Na'vi being led up to the Banshee Rookery in the Hallelujah Mountains where the largest breed of ikran resides. Before they start their ascent on Iknimaya, the prospective warrior gets a yellow V painted on his/her forehead. This has only been seen done by the Omaticaya clan. It is unknown if any other clans follow this tradition.

It is confirmed by Neytiri that the bond is lifelong for the Ikran, and that it will not bond with riders other than their own. It is unknown whether a Na'vi could bond with more than one ikran however. The Tayrangi clan seem to almost all be Ikran Maktos, as their name would suggest.

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