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Imswota is a village in the west part of the Plains of Goliath. It belongs to the Tipani clan and is built on a plateau which overlooks a plain. It contains mainly tent like structures, which open inwards towards a central clearing. There is a Tree of Vision and an ikran rider in the village as well as several fan totems. The boundaries of the village also incorporate the clearing to the south, which contains several waterfalls and is home to plants such as the cilliphant and baja tickler. A narrow gap between the cliffs leads into Gamma Line. There is also a pass through the cliffs in the north, which loops around the area before opening up into the back of the village.

Avatar: The Game[]

The center of the village

Able Ryder and Tan Jala flew into the village on their Ikran because the path to Tantalus was blocked. Ryder was asked by Swawta to help in the attack by travelling to Central Command and killing the explosives expert, Batista. Ryder returned after doing this and informed him.

However, if allied with the RDA, Ryder journeys to this area in order to kill Swawta on orders from Batista. Batista requested Ryder to terminate the target because Swawta's command of banshees hampered him from placing his trademark heavy demolition charges at the various Na'vi positions throughout the Plains of Goliath to destroy them.


The image for the region's loading screen is taken from the village.