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James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora
Book Information
Author Maria Wilhelm and Dirk Mathison
Country USA
Language English
Genre Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher It Books
Release date December 1, 2009
Media type Paperback
Chapters 2 + 10
Pages 224 (xvii + 203)
ASIN 0061896756
EAN 9780061896750
ISBN 0061896756
ISBN-13 9780061896750
OCLC 470876655
Size 23.1 x 15 x 2 cm;
9.1 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches
Weight 481 g; 1.06 lbs.

James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide is a book that describes the dangers of Pandora. It is presented like a field guide, and according to the back cover, is from the perspective of RDA researchers.


The Activist Survival Guide is a companion "field guide" to the film Avatar. The book's original purpose was to fill in some of the gaps that the movie itself could not cover. Displayed as a confidential Resources Development Administration report, it describes in great detail everything from names and characteristics of the various flora and fauna of the Pandoran environment to the specifications of RDA technology and weaponry. 224 pages long, it is presented in full color and includes illustrations and pictures of the material.

Back Cover[]

"For Internal Use Only"

Field notes and other data from the Resources Development Administration's xenobiological research and scientific labs have been compiled as a guide to the many unique aspects of the moon Pandora. This report details Pandora's alien ecosystem; its mining motherlode and topography; its flora and fauna; and the culture, language, and physiology of the native population, the aggressive hunter-gatherer race called the Na'vi. Exceedingly profitable, Pandora provides challenges to successful exploration and extraction. From its gravity-defying Hallelujah Mountains to its gargantuan natural Stone Arches, and from the small but venomous hellfire wasp to the gigantic carnivorous thanator, Pandora poses continual dangers to RDA aerial- and ground-forces daily. Also included in this manual are highly confidential and detailed descriptions of RDA technology and weapons systems deployed to suppress the indigenous hostiles and defend employees against the dangerous Pandoran environment.


This document has been circulated without the knowledge or the consent of the Resources Development Administration. Anyone found in possession of this document faces imprisonment or more extreme punishment.

Table of contents[]

a. Pandora: A Survival Handbook X
b. Warning! XIII

1. Astronomy and Geology 2
2. Na'vi Physiology and Culture 24
3. Fauna of Pandora 48
4. Flora of Pandora 106
5. Human Technology on Pandora 144
6. RDA Weapons Guide 170
7. RDA Documents 180
8. Glossary 184
9. Na'vi-English Dictionary 190
10. Acknowledgments 204

International editions[]

The Survival Guide has been translated into several other languages that are listed below:

Language Book Title Released Translated by Publisher Pages ISBN Front cover
Flag-cro.png Avatar Jamesa Camerona: Povjerljivi izvještaj o biološkoj i društvenoj povijesti Pandore February, 2010 Vladimir Cvetković Sever Algoritam d.o.o. 224 978-95-331-6070-2 Survival guide-cro.jpg
Flag-cze.png Avatar Jamese Camerona: Příručka pro přežití May 15, 2010 ? Knižní klub 224 978-80-242-2698-9 Survival guide-cze.jpg
Flag-fra.png Avatar: Rapport confidentiel sur l'histoire biologique et sociale de la planète Pandora December 10, 2009 ? Michel Lafon 224 978-27-499-1092-5 Survival guide-fra.jpg
Flag-hun.png James Cameron Avatar: Túlélési kézikönyv Pandorához April 1, 2010 Tóth Tamás Boldizsár Egmont-Hungary Kiadó Kft. 203 978-96-362-9569-1 Survival guide-hun.jpg
Flag-ita.png James Cameron's avatar: Rapporto confidenziale sul mondo di Pandora February 24, 2010 ? Rizzoli 224 978-88-170-4179-9 Survival guide-ita.png
Flag-pol.png Avatar Jamesa Camerona: Tajny raport o świecie Pandory January 12, 2010 Agnieszka Kabala, Agata Kowalczyk, Cezary Murawski AMBER 224 978-83-241-3604 Survival guide-pol.jpg
Flag-rus.png Аватар: Секретный доклад о биологии и истории Пандоры January 14, 2010 Ольга Ратникова Азбука-классика 224 978-59-985-0766-3 Survival guide-rus.jpg
Flag-esp.png Avatar: Manual de supervivencia en Pandora June 22, 2010 ? Timun Mas 224 978-84-480-3990-5 Survival guide-esp.jpg
Flag-tur.png Bir James Cameron Filmi Avatar: Pandora'nın Biyolojik ve Sosyal Tarihi Üzerine Gizli Rapor March, 2010 Özgür Atılım Turan Doğan Kitapçılık 224 978-60-511-1541-2 Survival guide-tur.jpg

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