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This article is about the Wii and PSP version. You may be looking for the PC/PS3/Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, iOS/Android, the demo or Mobile version.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is an Avatar video game prequel to James Cameron's film of the same name on Nintendo Wii and PSP. The title is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

According to Joshua Izzo, every Avatar video game that was released in 2009 is now non-canon, including this one.[1] The Li'ona clan briefly mentioned in the game is also considered non-canon, though the Anurai clan still is, due to being readapted and re-canonized for Toruk - The First Flight.



Rai'uk, the protagonist

Rai'uk, a Na'vi warrior from the Anurai clan, survived his clan's massacre with his sister Kyuna. He studied the humans for a long time to learn how they make war so that he could fight them better. After learning that they are about to transport his clan's artifacts to another location, he decides to attack the humans and steal back what was taken from him.

While hunting for the artifacts, he recognizes Sean Wallen, who was responsible for his clan's death. He follows him to Hallelujah Mountains to get his revenge. He fights with Sean's Scorpion, and they both crash, with both of them surviving. Rai'uk then was approached by one of the Li'ona clan members (Tasun) and he is taken in to their village. He sees that humans have left a mark there and decided to help those villagers although they didn't want to act themselves. He destroyed the dam that was holding back the water and restored life to the village.

Rai'uk then was approached by Sylwanin of the Omatikaya clan who asked his help in attacking a human base. Rai'uk also met the avatar teacher, Dr. Grace Augustine. After finishing Sylwanin's request, Rai'uk found one of the human's tape-recorders and listened to it; it was the final goodbye of a dedicated father, addressed to his family. Rai'uk was shocked that he had become what he hated due to his dedication to revenge and returned to Li'ona village. Tasun suggested for him to go back to his village and connect with the Tree of Voices there, to rediscover himself. In the meantime, Conrad Olson asked Sean to take back what he had stolen from Anurai. Rai'uk and Sean meet at Anurai Village, with Sean dying afterwards.

Conrad QTE

Rai'uk fighting Conrad's avatar.

On his way back from his village to Li'ona, Rai'uk heard humans attacking the village. Now tired of fighting, he decided to fight this one last time to defend the village. He was confronted by Conrad, who was in his avatar body. Rai'uk defeated Conrad and saved the village. He then was approached by a thanator. Rai'uk mounted him and decided to warn the People of the darkness that might take hold from within.


  • Rai'uk - Main character, his entire clan was slaughtered by humans. He is now on a quest of revenge and retrieving his clan's stolen artifacts.
  • Kyuna - Rai'uk's sister, who also survived and followed her brother in his quest.
  • Sean Wallen - He was responsible for the destruction of Rai'uk's clan.
  • Conrad Olson - He seems to be leading the RDA operations in Lockhart Area. He is also one of the avatars.
  • Tasun - Member of Li'ona Clan, he helped Rai'uk.
  • Sylwanin - Tsakarem of Omatikaya Clan, she came to ask for Rai'uk's help.
  • Dr. Grace Augustine - Teacher in a Na'vi school.
  • Parker Selfridge - Voice only cameo, talking about the virus with Conrad Olson over the radio.
  • Li'ona Tsahìk - Narrates the game's story.
  • Seth - Only appears by name, he is one of the RDA soldiers.



One of the banshee flying levels similar to the Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts II.

While similar to the PC/360/PS3 version, the Wii/PSP version is different in many ways. For example, it lacks an open-world feel and its levels resemble hallways. The player only plays as a Na'vi in this version. There are no vehicles, and while the player can ride a banshee, it is done through a few mandatory on-rail flying banshee levels where the player must dodge obstacles. There is no Pandorapedia in this version of the game.

There is a somewhat lengthy segment where the player must defend one of Pandora's large animals from being attacked by the RDA while the animal follows a scripted path.


A stealth section with laser turrets.

In contrast to the PC/360/PS3 which encourages players to fight hard guns blazing, this version instead focuses more on stealth takedowns, although the stealth is far from a requirement to survive. The player can even flee and walk past many of its enemies and battles. Rai'uk has a spear and a bow in his arsenal. There is a currency to obtain called Eywa Spirits which unlocks abilities and increases damage for the weapons. Combat often involves QTEs.


Local co-op in the Wii version.

The Wii version has mandatory waggle for attacking. The Wii version also allows for some local co-op not present in the PSP version; a second player can help as Rai'uk's sister Kyuna. Instead of one player having to both shoot and steer in single player, one player shoots while the other steers in co-op. The Wii version supports Wii MotionPlus for better accuracy in aiming, as well as Wii Balance Board support during the banshee levels in which the player can steer using their balance.

While very similar, the PSP version appears to be slightly different than the Wii version as it seems to be lacking some levels or segments; for example, the PSP version seems to be lacking a level where some floating mountains can be explored on foot. The extent of these changes is currently unclear, although it is known that the Wii version is the complete version of the game as a result. The PSP version is also missing battle quotes; for example, Rai'uk no longer says his frequent "The enemy!" line. However, the basic story and all the cutscenes remain the same in both versions.


NintendoLife gave it a 5/10, commenting, "Avatar isn't a bad game, it just rarely rises above the average, despite borrowing heavily from some superb games. The storytelling is weak, it's too short and it has its fair share of control issues, but all the same you'll find yourself having fun with it despite your reservations."

WorthPlaying.com gave it a slightly higher 7/10, praising the visuals, but also criticized the story for being run-of-the-mill.


  • This version of the game uses the same globe map in the PC/360/PS3 version. Because of this, one can track Rai'uk's progress as he keeps going east through the various territories:
    • 1. A Matter of Dignity - Northeast part of Taegl-kisa
    • 2. To Gulistan - Ggthame
    • 3. Cry of the Banshee - Very western part of Ugnach
    • 4. On the Dark Path - Doa Tana
    • 5. A Matter of Vengeance - Ehonyogol
    • 6. A New Home - Eastern part of Needle Cape
    • 7. The Waters of Life - Eris' Swamps
    • 8. The Land of the Omaticaya - Northwest part of Chill Fields
    • 9. Collateral Damage - Western part of The Barrier
    • 10. Return to the Past - Eastern part of The Barrier
    • 11. Under Seige - Northeast part of Great Plains
    • 12. Last Stand - Northern part of Mikasso's Bay
    • 13. The Cycle Broken - Micca Pinelands