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This article is about the demo. You may be looking for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 version, Wii/PSP, Nintendo DS, iOS/Android or Mobile version.
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Demo
Game Information
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher Ubisoft
Lightstorm Entertainment
20th Century Fox Games
Composer Chance Thomas
Engine Dunia and Havok Physics
Platform Microsoft Windows
Released November 18, 2009 (PC)
Genre Action
Third-person shooter
Media type Free Digital Download

Ahead of the launch of the PC incarnation of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, a demo version was released online for free by Ubisoft, simply hosted on a Fileshack server. The demo was linked initially through the German Coca Cola Zero website, one of many synergistic promotions between the two organisations at the time.[1]

The demo version is entirely contained within Fort Navarone, a map cut from the final game.

Able Ryder, having cast his allegiances with the RDA, is deployed to the region, and instructed to clear the area of hostiles in order to allow construction vehicles to move through the area. The fighting culminates in a large battle in the south east of the map.