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James Cameron's Avatar Pinball
Game Information
Developer Lonnie D. Ropp

Lyman F. Sheats Jr.

Publisher Stern Pinball, Inc.
Distributor Stern Pinball, Inc.
Designer John Borg

Lonnie D. Ropp

Composer David Thiel
Version V1.10 - November 10, 2011
Released August 27, 2010
November 23, 2010 (Limited Ed.)
Media type Pinball machine
Size H:56", W:31", D:31" boxed

H: 75 1/2", W: 27", D: 55" unboxed

Weight 285lbs boxed

250lbs unboxed

Time to ride the banshee.

- Game quote

Jame's Cameron's Avatar Pinball is a pinball machine based off of Avatar manufactured by Stern Pinball, Inc., released in 2010.

The pinball machine comes in the regular "Pro" model, first released on August 27th, 2010[1] and a Limited Edition model, announced on November 23rd, 2010 & limited to 250 machines[2], with several improvements over the main game.[3]

Product Description[]

James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball by Stern Pinball, Inc. through a license with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products transports players to the planet of Pandora on a quest to protect the Na’vi people from an invading mining colony. Based on the number one film of all-time with $2.7 billion in worldwide box office receipts and the top-selling Blu-ray release of all-time, the pinball game translates James Cameron’s history making epic into a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Staying true to the innovative nature of the film, James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball features a 3-D backglass with incredible depth, clarity and color, speech and sound effects from the movie, and an original voiceover by Stephen Lang, who plays Colonel Miles Quaritch.


Stern Avatar Pinball Machine Gameplay

Gameplay footage of the pinball machine from AKM Pinball Videos

In James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball, you are Jake Sully. Capture the pinball in the transporter link that reveals a Jake Sully figurine, thus transforming yourself into his Avatar. As his Avatar, you will have to escape the Thanator, fight the Viperwolves, and ride the Great Leonopteryx. Travel through the Hallelujah Mountains and do battle with the RDA in the bumpers and face Colonel Miles Quaritch in his mechanical AMP Suit. Be sure to destroy the Colonel before he destroys you to access the 4-ball multi-ball as a reward. Score jackpots and save the Na’vi people from total destruction. James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball also features a banshee ramp, magnet for random ball play, stationary targets, bank of mobile targets, and lots of multi-ball action.

Stern’s design team of John Borg and Lonnie Ropp created the James Cameron’s Avatar Pinball. Pinball Hall of Fame member Kevin O’Connor designed the artwork with David Thiel in the sound booth.[3]

Limited Edition changes[]


LE Avatar Pinball

Fanshot video of the Limited Edition Avatar pinball machine with its additional features. The video also has clearer sound of the game-exclusive Quaritch voice samples.


The Limited Edition of Avatar model has a number of enhancements over the regular version:[4]

  • The AMP suit model, which just falls down and lifts back up in the Pro model, has animated legs which march up and down.
  • The transporter pod has the motor it needs to enable the lid to open and close.
  • A shaker motor is included in the game.
  • There are more models of the characters including a banshee over the ramp, Colonel Quaritch in his AMP suit and Na'vi people over the N-A-V-I targets.
  • Unused lamps on the lamp matrix have been used to add more controlled lighting which sits alongside more general illumination lamps.
  • There's a return to a metal bottom arch which has backlighting for new translucent blue windows.
  • Metal playfield slide rails are also fitted in place of the pegs used on newer models.
  • The original-style lock bar and latch mechanism make a comeback.
  • A white powerball is included in place of one of the steel balls, along with a sensor which increases scoring when the special ball is in play.
  • New game rules and software have been added to operate the new playfield devices and features.
  • Chrome side rails, lock bar and hinges are installed.
  • Playfields for machines 1-25 are signed.
  • All Limited Edition playfields have an additional hard coat applied.
  • All 250 Limited Edition playfields are individually numbered and include a special plaque and certificate of authenticity.


  • The description for the product features several typos for Pandoran creatures, with viperwolves spelled as "Viper Wolves" and the Great Leonopteryx as the "great Leonoptyrix".[3]
  • Before the opening of Pandora: The World of Avatar, an Avatar Limited Edition pinball machine was available to play in Walt Disney World's DisneyQuest indoor arcade in Disney Springs until its closure on July 3rd, 2017.[5][6]


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