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Omaticaya clan





  • Student (formerly)
  • Hunter
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  • Na'vi
    • Omaticaya clan
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Ilram Choi

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Avatar (unnamed)

Ka'ani is an Omaticaya clan hunter trainee previously under Tsu'tey until his death. He was one of the unnamed recurring background Na'vi characters in Avatar along with Saeyla, Takuk, Maru, and Atan.

Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path[]

Ka'ani noticeably lagged behind the other trainees; he was mocked by Takuk as "the little one" after he overslept and barely kept up with the rest of the group during climbing exercises. He showed some aptitude for threat assessment, saving Saeyla from touching dangerous orange orb shaped plants that were hot enough to burn the ground they fell on. He and the other students helped Tsu'tey capture Jake Sully.

He was able to bond with a direhorse, using fruit to help the creature take a liking to him. Although some of the senior hunter trainees disagreed, Tsu'tey allowed Saeyla and Ka'ani to undertake the rite of passage to bond and ride with an ikran. He had doubts about their readiness; when Saeyla asked if he would let a dreamwalker beat him, he showed more concern about the ikran killing him. He successfully completed the rite of passage alongside Saeyla and Jake.

Later, Ka'ani fought alongside Saeyla and his mentors against the RDA during the battle of the Tree of Souls and survived the battle. He was among the group of Na'vi who discovered the severely wounded Tsu'tey. Ka'ani brought Jake and Neytiri to Tsu´tey and stayed by his dying mentors side as Jake on the request of Tsu´tey killed him to end his suffering.

Avatar: The Next Shadow[]

Two weeks following the battle, Ka'ani and his hunting party came across a group of dozers led by Katherine Hale on their way to establish a new mining site. Enraged, Ka'ani trained his bow on the dozers and ordered Hale to turn them around. Apparently familiar with one another, Hale remarked "you're killing me, Ka'ani!" and attempted to negotiate a peace. Ka'ani was upset by the use of the dozers to mine unobtanium as they were highly destructive to the environment on their way to the mines, and pulled Hale aside away from the conflict to try and find a compromise. However, with their leaders absent, the dozer crew attempted to continue on their route without Hale, leading to the Na'vi opening fire. Jake finally arrived on the scene and put an end to the fight, though Ka'ani stuck by his apprehension and distaste even after a compromise was established.[1]


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