Kam Demarco
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Valley of Mo'ara, Pandora

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Unknown parents


Lead ACE Field Expert


Alpha Centauri Expeditions

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Denis Ooi

Kam Demarco is the Lead Field Expert for Alpha Centauri Expeditions.

In his childhood, Kam often accompanied his conservationist parents to Pandora. He continued exploring the Valley of Mo'ara while studying Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. When not on Pandora, he resides in England on Earth.[1] His lifetime of experience on Pandora has given him expert insight in dealing with the local plant life, like vein pods.[2]

Kam is also the public face of ACE's social media efforts to promote their trips to Pandora. He's featured on video messages and also helps answer questions from potential Pandora travelers on ACE's Visit Pandora website.[3][4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kam Demarco's background has been retconned once before. When the Visit Pandora site first launched, Kam was described as a "first-generation human" born on the moon. A later update changed this to Kam being born on Earth but traveling many times to Pandora in his youth due to his parents' conservation program. Said update also expanded his scientific background.[5]

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