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The Kame'tire clan is a clan of Na'vi healers that live in the Clouded Forest. They have their "own dark reasons" to stay hidden.[1]

Their tsahìk, Anufi, lives in exile, leaving her advisor, Mokasa, in charge. He controls the clan and keeps the outside world at bay.


They are a reclusive and introverted clan who are deeply suspicious of outsiders. Respected as healers and herbalists, they have a deep knowledge and appreciation for plant life which is reflected in their organic styled clothing. This includes imposing armor made through wood shaping, the art of softening and sculpting wood into different shapes. They are less eager to fight the Resources Development Administration than some other clans, with many of the clan preferring to stay hidden.

The clan lives within a settlement called The Hollows, which is composed of woodshaped dwellings nestled in a rocky gorge. This was not always their home, but they began living there after the disappearance of the Sarentu, choosing to hide away from other Na'vi in shame.[1]

The Kame'tire connect to Eywa at the Circle of Ancestors, a nook within The Hollows which houses the Whispering Greatcap. This location is also used for major clan gatherings. There is another Whispering Greatcap within Ancestor's Rest which is used for smaller Kame'tire gatherings or individual visits.[2]

Though the Kame'tire do not seem to have a symbiotic relationship with any one creature in a way similar to the Aranahe Clan or Zeswa Clan, they hold a deep respect for the Sailfin Goliath, calling them Gentle Ones.[3]

Healing and Herbalism[]

Renowned healers, the Kame'tire historically traded remedies to other clans.

One of the remedies the clan frequently produce are potions, mixtures of various herbs and compounds that produce healing effects. Ingenious Kame'tire have modified potion recipes to produce smoke bombs to disorient RDA troops.[4]

Herbalism fell out of favor in the clan after the disappearance of the Sarentu. However, a few dedicated herbalists like Siul and Okul kept the tradition alive. Their research into the yavä' eventually culminated in the production of an antidote granting the drinker immunity to the lethal mind altering effects of the toxic cloud.[5]


The Kame'tire have historically been gifted woodshapers.[6] Several Kame'tire can be seen within settlements and out in the Clouded Forest shaping wood with knives.

They fashion the roofs and walls of their settlements with wood,[6] retaining the natural shapes of the material rather than transforming construction wood into rigid shapes as humans do. Wood is also used by the clan to craft prosthetics for those who have had limbs amputated, as seen with Anufi's prosthetic arm. Wood may also be fashioned by the Kame'tire into armor, weaponry, dolls, totems, and masks.

Unfortunately, Kame'tire woodshaping is a dying art. Uniluk is the last remaining artisan woodshaper of the clan.

Storytelling and Kame'tire Theater[]

Many elements come together to create a Kame'tire story.

Stories are told primarily through song by gifted storytellers such as Taka'ri. Masks aid in the practice of Kame'tire theatre, representing different characters, archetypes, or wildlife.[7] Dolls are also used to represent characters in shadow puppet productions by casting shadows onto the walls.[8] The Kame'tire also employ the use of practical effects, using their advanced knowledge of herbalism to craft colored smoke bombs that enhance performances.[4]

One creature frequently represented through theatrical masks is the Echo Stalker, whose large and colorful ears provide inspiration for mask makers and playwrights. Wearers of Echo Stalker masks usually fill the role of the blind prophet, a similar role to the human mythological and ancient theatrical character Tiresias.[7]

The storytelling art of the Kame'tire was historically fed by tales brought to them by the Sarentu.[9] After the Sarentu Clan's disappearance and the Kame'tire's isolation from the other clans, Kame'tire theater has suffered without a steady influx of new material. Na'vi like Namtet are determined to keep Kame'tire theater alive.


Throat singers, like Manwe, practice their craft throughout the Clouded Forest and within various Kame'tire camps and settlements.

Songs served several purposes. Some were to honor the clan's ancestors, others soothed frightened children, and some were to poke fun at embarrassing accidents.[10] [3] Kame'tire singers develop a deep understanding of the history of their clan through their work.[10]


The Kame'tire were the original candidates that TAP intended to use to source children for the residential school program. However, when Mokasa refused to allow TAP to take the clan's children, he instead directed them to the Sarentu Clan, foreseeing that TAP would not graciously accept his refusal and choosing to provide them an alternative.[11]

They had been known for having close connections with the Sarentu long ago, before the clan was nearly wiped out. Having been the last to see the Sarentu Clan alive, rumors spread that they were responsible for the killings, which caused them to be shunned by all other clans of the Western Frontier.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora[]

The Kame'tire Clan is the final clan introduced to the player character in the main story, first appearing in the quest The Hidden Clan.

Many clan members are initially reluctant to interact with the player character, or even outright hostile. However, Okul and Sa'ney are sympathetic to the player character's motivations. Sa'ney aids the player character in finding Anufi, and the player character eventually convinces Anufi to return to her clan.

Anufi and Okul help the player character reveal that the Kame'tire were not responsible for the massacre of the Sarentu Clan, and that the rumor was instead started by Mokasa to deflect blame away from himself.[11]

The Kame'tire then agree to help the The Resistance fight against the RDA, providing medical aid to the wounded and bringing warriors to fight in battle.

Associated Main Quests[]

Associated Side Quests[]


Na'vi Status Title Portrait
Anufi Alive Tsahìk of the Kame'tire clan (exiled, until his returns)
Anufi game
Mokasa Deceased Anufi's chief advisor (before being exiled)
Mokasa game
Famuk Alive Mask maker
Hastu Alive Herbalist
Heykinak Alive Hunter
Keylu Alive Herbalist
Manwe Alive Throat singer
Namtet Alive Storyteller of the clan
Okul Alive Herbalist
Reyzu Alive Hastu's father/Totem maker
Sa'ney Alive Hunter
Saney body
Setral Alive Gatherer
Siul Deceased Herbalist
Taka'ri Alive Storyteller of the clan
Tuntu Alive Keylu's brother/Cook
Uniluk Alive Woodshaper
Uwol Alive Famuk's brother/Brewer
Zamhil Alive Hunter



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