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Kekunan Clan
Location Information

Deep jungle, neighboring that of the Tawkami Clan

Cultural Information
Na'vi Name


Behind the scenes
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Toruk - The First Flight promotional website

The Kekunan are a Na'vi clan. Little is yet known about their way of life, but they are considered to have a greater skill at banshee riding than any other clan. They are known for their fast reflexes, cool composure and courageous heart that are all required to tame such a beast. They wear bright, boisterous colors, which is symbolic of their tribute and confidence with the creatures that sustain their way of life.[1] The Kekunan love nothing more than to leap and dance from one floating mountain to another and urge their Kekunan brothers and sisters to further feats of daring.[2]

Their children begin learning the skills behind banshee riding at a very early age, using toy banshees as educational tools to demonstrate physics and maneuvers. The Banshee Catcher, used by other clans including the Omaticaya, has its origins in Kekunan legend, as an invention of the first banshee rider Taronyu.

The Kekunan are excellent aerial hunters, often doing so hundreds of meters off the ground.[3]

Known Members[]