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Koo Tsura Village
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Koo Tsura Village is a small village on the edge of The Hunt which is owned by the Tipani clan. It is the most south westerly area in Vaderas Hollow. The village is built on the flat and a number of arches that have been constructed. It is almost surrounded by cliffs, the only gap being the path in the north. There is a Tree of Vision, and the head of the village is Oloniwin.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder travelled to the village whilst looking for a harmonic in the area. Oloniwin was injured, and Ukamtsu asked Ryder to go and gather herbs in the surrounding area to tend to his wounds. He returned with the herbs, and Oloniwin made a full recovery. Ryder was requested to go and find Raltaw, so that he could stop the rest of the villagers from their suicidal attack on the RDA. Raltaw saw sense, and Ryder returned to inform Oloniwin of this.