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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Kxanìa Taw ("forbidden sky" in Na'vi, though the RDA calls it "deserted heaven"), is known for its spectacular arches of rock called malmoks, or "rings of stone." Beneath these massive stone archways is a rugged, fertile terrain favored by the direhorse riders of Tipani clan. Many Na'vi hunters have established a second home in this region, finding unity with both the land and the ways of the animals.

In direct conflict with the grazing of the direhorse herds, RDA research stations have been established to study way to extract unobtanium from the huge arches. To protect RDA research station, RDA security forces have arrived in force to remove the Na'vi hunters from the area.

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  • In an earlier revision of Avatar: The Game, the area was entitled "Deserted Heaven".
  • Kxanìa Taw is also a multiplayer Capture The Flag map, although with a different layout.
  • There are 3 Na'vi characters in out of bounds with a "FIX ME ! -" tag[1] and a RDA gunner with a "FIX ME ! - mountedguy3" tag [2]

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