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This article is about the Blue Lagoon area. You may be looking for the zone in the FEBA.
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Landing Zone
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Landing Zone is the standard drop off point for RDA personnel entering the Blue Lagoon region on Pandora. It is situated at the north east corner of the region, protected by security fences with gates and turrets. The main feature of the area is the enormous helipad, which is big enough for a Dragon Assault Ship to land on. There are also several shacks and a GMI unit in the surrounding area, as well as a Solar Container and an A-Pod near the main gate. There are several gates in the west which lead into the North Gate, and it is also possible to travel upstream to the East Fence using the river entrance in the south.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder was sent to the base shortly after arriving on Pandora and manned a turret during a viperwolf attack. He was then sent by Kendra Midori to help Dalton set a signal to the west of the area. He returned to talk to Kensington, who informed him that Kendra had moved up river to the First Forward Camp, and to grab a Gator to meet her there.