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6 to 12 meters (19.7 to 39.4 feet)

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Avatar: The Mobile Game

The liana is a vine-like plant native to Pandora. They have woody stems and purple leaves. The largest leaves are located at the top of the plant.

They appear frequently throughout the Mobile Game, usually to allow the player to swing or climb on it. They also grow horizontally in some areas, forming natural bridges, with the vine occasionally breaking, causing the player to fall.

Lianas also appear in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. The player can climb these vines to reach new heights. When the player is a Na'vi warrior, they can climb the vines much faster than when they are an RDA soldier, due to the Na'vi's height and strength. Non-player characters do not climb the vines and the vines never break. The vines also never appear horizontally.

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A horizontal liana

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