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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

A link unit is a box that contains a bed-like mattress with the difference that it is framed by warm fluid gel packs that roughly depict the form of the human body. Its look is strongly reminiscent of a coffin. A link unit is about 2.5 meters in length and has an upper clamshell that is closed while the unit is in operation.

Link units are used to connect an avatar driver to his or her avatar. It creates a psionic link that allows to temporarily transfer the consciousness from a human body into an avatar, giving the operator real-time access to all its motor and sensory functions. Once the link is established, the operator can remotely control the avatar body as if it is their own.

There are several built into the link room at Hell's Gate, but there are also offsite units installed in link shacks scattered in locations across Pandora, including Site 26 and the Blue Lagoon.

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