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You mean why can't I be the perfect son like you? The perfect little soldier? Well I'M NOT YOU! Okay? I'm not you! He's my brother. I'm going!
Lo'ak to his brother Neteyam on his decision to save Payakan

Lo'ak te Suli Tsyeyk’itan is the fourteen-year-old son of Jake Sully and Neytiri, the younger brother of Neteyam, the older brother of his only biological youngest sister, Tuktirey, and the younger adoptive brother of Kiri.[2]

When the RDA returned to Pandora, Lo'ak wanted to fight alongside his parents but they dismissed the idea. When they were attacked by Miles Quaritch and the Recombinants, Lo'ak and his family fled to the Metkayina clan. He learned their ways, forming a close bond with a tulkun named Payakan and Tsireya, daughter of the clan's leaders. After his escape from the SeaDragon thanks to Payakan, Lo'ak lost Neteyam while saving Spider, but was still able to save his father's life using The Way of Water.


Early life[]

Lo'ak was born into the Omatikaya clan in 2156, as the second son of Jake and Neytiri a year after Neteyam. He is the only one of the three biological children who was born with five fingers and faint eyebrows like an avatar, which also means he resembles his father Jake the most physically as well as personality wise. He did inherit some of his mother's looks, such as a narrower facial shape and the ability of not forgiving others easily and a strong bond with animals and nature.

Growing up, Lo'ak has never really felt truly as being part of his own family and clan, making him feel alone even when surrounded by people. While he feels different from his siblings Tuktirey and Neteyam, his adoptive sister Kiri is the one he feels the closest to. Lo'ak and Kiri are close friends with Spider Socorro, a human boy.

At some point in time, he learned how to weave a woven pattern by his grandmother Mo'at, as weaving is one of the Omatikaya's specialties.

Return of the RDA (Avatar: The High Ground)[]

Cliff fall

Lo'ak falls off a cliff and almost dies.

While trying to tame his ikran during his Iknimaya, Lo'ak has difficulty controlling the animal which bit his leg. Disturbed and frightened, Jake wanted to end the trial but Neytiri disagreed, explaining that the danger is supposed to be part of this. Lo'ak, however, gets accidentally thrown off a cliff and falls from a great height and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he is eager to resume the failed attempt, but Jake states that he will return to it another day. The event would later result in an argument between Jake and Neytiri on how much they should follow traditional Na'vi ways. On his next attempt, Lo'ak managed to tame another ikran, and the whole family took a flight together. The clan later celebrated Lo'ak's accomplishment.

After that, the Na'vi noticed new spaceships approaching Pandora. While their parents were attending the council of elders Lo'ak, Kiri, Tuk and Spider decide to secretly go exploring because they think a council meeting is going to take forever and they don't want to be bored. They visit the remains of the Pandoran War where they find a human skeleton in a Samson's cockpit. Lo'ak and Spider end up almost accidentally killing Kiri and Tuktirey when the Samson falls. Spider begins to run low on oxygen and the kids try to find their way back home. Meanwhile, Jake and Neytiri form a search party for the children after seeing them go missing. They eventually find the children. Jake blames Lo'ak, though Spider admits he also deserves some blame.

Loak leaving

Lo'ak prepared to go to High Camp.

After the RDA announces their return to Pandora, Lo'ak is ordered to go to High Camp under Mo'at's supervision, along with the rest of his siblings. Kiri comes across Tuk and Lo'ak, and the two later follow her when she decides to go for Spider. The siblings go get Spider who hears knocking on his bedroom window. They are soon found by Nash McCosker who says they can be useful, however, he traps Spider and the siblings in separate rooms. Spider manages to escape and free everyone. The family becomes involved in another chase and flees into the forest. After a series of events involving a crash landing into the ocean, the group is rescued by Wu Mingxia and Norm Spellman.

Encounter with the Recombinants (Avatar: The Way of Water)[]

Lo'ak easily handles a smg

Lo'ak shows Neteyam his Recom M69-AR.

To prevent the RDA from exploiting Pandora again, Jake leads an ongoing strategic guerrilla operation aimed at weakening RDA supply lines. In one of these missions, a raid on a maglev train, Jake's sons are assigned to act as spotters. Lo'ak, who is eager to prove himself, disobeys his father's orders and tries to assist in the battle. However, when more RDA forces arrives in Kestrel gunships, Lo'ak is overwhelmed and Neteyam is wounded trying to protect him. Jake rescues and disciplines both his sons, warning them to not endanger their own safety for his sake by being reckless. As a punishment, Lo'ak is not allowed to fly for a month.

Soon after, Lo'ak, Kiri, and Spider visit the camp link station, where Grace Augustine's avatar is located. An argument ensued among the boys over who Kiri's father was, Lo'ak unanimously, albeit jokingly, pointing the finger at Norm.

Quaritch Lo'ak knife

Quaritch threatens to cut Lo'ak

During a playful venture in the forest with Lo'ak, Tuk and Kiri, Spider recognizes that they are near the place where their father fought his father, and Lo'ak decides to explore it, knowing it is against Jake's rules. Unbeknownst to them, Quaritch and his 1st Recom squad are reconnoitering the same site. An observant Lo'ak spots the Recoms, and quickly radios his father to inform him of their location. However, a skirmish occurs, and the Recoms easily capture Jake's children. They identify the children as Jake's due to Lo'ak and Kiri having recessive human traits such as five fingers. Lo'ak also gives Quaritch the double finger. The children are saved by Jake and Neytiri, although Spider is captured. Knowing that Quaritch is hunting them down, the Sully family flies to coastal regions of the Metkayina clan searching for protection at Awa'atlu.

Living with the Metkayina clan[]

Lo'ak and Kiri underwater

Lo'ak learning to freedive.

Arriving at the village, their reception was less than welcome by the Olo'eyktan Tonowari, especially by the Tsahìk Ronal, who almost immediately pointed to the five-fingered hands of Lo'ak and Kiri, saying that they have "demon blood". Lo'ak was clearly disgusted by this distinctive anatomical detail that had once again been pointed out to him. Eventually, the family was accepted into the Metkayina clan. The children immediately start learning with Tsireya and Aonung, the children of the clan leaders, and Rotxo. Lo'ak pays special attention to Tsireya early on and they become friends. She teaches him how to ride an ilu and freedive, controlling his breathing as he swims, and also teaches him the philosophy of their clan's deep connection to the ocean: The Way of Water.

The Way of Water Lo'ak and Ao'nung Fight

Lo'ak entering a fight with Aonung.

As he adjusts to their new environment, Lo'ak witnesses Aonung and his friends insult Kiri by calling her "weird", "not true Na'vi" and asking whether she is a freak. He defends his sister although he also becomes the object of ridicule of the group. He was about to fight with them, but Neteyam stopped them. He threatened them and pushed his siblings away from them, but Aonung hurled another insult as he left, eventually taunting Lo'ak. Lo'ak punches Aonung in the face and a fight broke out which Neteyam also joined. Later, Jake admonishes his sons for their behavior. At Jake's insistence, Lo'ak returns to apologize to Aonung and his friends.

Lo'ak is attacked by an Akula

Lo'ak tries to fight the akula.

Aonung's group tried to persuade Lo'ak to hunt with them outside the reef. Lo'ak initially refused as his parents told him not to go there, however, he wanted to carry favor with Aonung, and was also envious at the mention of Neteyam, whose courage he wanted to equalize. When they take him to the Three Brothers Rocks while he is hunting, Aonung's group abandons him there as revenge, leaving him alone. Lo'ak is attacked by an akula, a large marine predator. He manages to escape from it by hiding between coral. Due to being underwater for a while, he is forced to rise up to the surface. The akula spots and attacks Lo'ak who desperately faces the creature, armed with only a knife. Starting to drown, he is saved at the last moment by a tulkun, an intelligent and pacifistic cetacean species whom the Metkayina consider their spiritual family.

Lo’ak and Payakan

Lo'ak meets Payakan and discovers his fin has been cut off.

Waking up, he found himself on the tulkun's back and thanks him for saving his life. When he notices a rusty old harpoon stuck in his right fin, he helps to get it out. He spends time with the tulkun and learns that he is able to communicate with it; eventually they become friends. Back at Awa'atlu, Lo'ak returns to the village that night, looking at the stars with the tulkun and points out the star from which his father comes. Seeing a search party with his father in the distance and not wanting his friend to be seen, Lo'ak sent the tulkun away before obediently returning to the village. There he was reprimanded again by Jake, although Tonowari had explained that it was Aonung's fault for taking him beyond the reef. However, Lo'ak, not wanting Aonung to suffer the same as him, decided to take the blame for having been his idea to hunt far from the village; in this way, he gained Aonung's favor and friendship, despite being reprimanded by his father who said Lo'ak brought shame to his family.

Loak talks about Payakan

Lo'ak learning about Payakan.

In the morning Lo'ak tells Tsireya and the others about the tulkun who saved him, but she soon realizes that the tulkun who saved him is Payakan, a male who was cast out for murder in the past, but Lo'ak refuses to believe and leaves after Neteyam ridicules the story. Determined to find the reason why Payakan became an outcast, Lo'ak returns to the Three Brothers Rocks and asks Payakan why he was exiled, but Payakan replies it is too painful for him to discuss. The two instead spend the day playing together so Lo'ak does not visit the Cove of the Ancestors with the other children, and is absent for Kiri's seizure at the Spirit Tree, although he is present later when Ronal helps her wake up. When the tulkun returned to the village, Tsireya presents Lo'ak to her spiritual sister. During the celebration, Lo'ak seems sad that Payakan is absent.

Lo'ak embraces Payakan

Lo'ak hugs Payakan after discovering why he is outcasted.

Later, Lo'ak continues to ask Payakan why he is outcasted and Payakan decides to share the reason this time. Lo'ak swims inside Payakan's mouth and connects his queue. Unbeknownst to him, he is watched by Neteyam, Tsireya, Aonung and Rotxo. He sees Payakan's memories and finds out that he was exiled for going against the pacifist ways of his species known as the Tulkun Way. Payakan had lost his mother to RDA whalers and led an attack with a group of young tulkun and Na'vi to avenge her death. All attackers were killed except for Payakan. Lo'ak feels great pity and empathy for Payakan after this revelation, because Lo'ak also feels like an outcast among his family, living in his brother's shadow.

Lo'ak returns to the village and is scolded by Tonowari and Ronal who also scold Tsireya for letting him bond with the outcast. Lo'ak instead defends Payakan, saying he saved his life and that Tonowari does not truly know him. Tonowari demands everyone sit down and he explains the Tulkun Way and why Payakan is outcasted. Lo'ak instead speaks out against this, saying Tonowari is wrong. Lo'ak claimed Tonowari simply did not understand Payakan who, in Lo'ak's eyes, could not be a bloodthirsty killer. Lo'ak's insubordinate attitude offended his parents; Jake silences Lo'ak and takes him away to deal with.

The Way of Water Lo'ak talking to Tsireya

Lo'ak vents his frustrations to Tsireya.

Later at sunset, Tsireya tells Lo'ak that she saw a forest youth chosen by a tulkun and is proud of him for bonding. Lo'ak explains to Tsireya that Payakan is not a murderer, he had lost his mother to the RDA and in despair he urged the young tulkuns and the Metkayina warriors to fight in defense of the tulkun and the RDA had killed them all. Tsireya believed him and insists that he tell Tonowari and Jake about this, but Lo'ak refuses, saying neither of their fathers understand them. He also confided in her about his feelings of the whole clan hate him due to alienation and having demon blood in him, to which Tsireya tells him "I see you" and insists he is the brother of a tulkun and part of the clan.

Skirmish at the Three Brothers[]

Brothers discussion

Lo'ak argues with Neteyam about his bond with Payakan.

When the Metkayina learn of the tulkun hunt and Ro'a's slaughter, they become furious and declare war on the RDA in revenge. Jake tried to talk them out of the idea by pointing out that they didn't stand a chance against the Sky People and that the hunt was intended as a provocation. He instructed them to persuade the tulkun to flee and showed them a tracking tag, asking them to call him if they come across any tulkun with one of these, as this is a death sentence. Learning of the situation, Lo'ak decides to go warn Payakan of the whalers. Neteyam tried to stop him but Lo'ak angrily said that the tulkun was his brother closest to him and he had to save him. Followed by his siblings and the Metkayina kids, Lo'ak finds Payakan and discovers that he has already been tagged and sees Mick Scoresby's SeaDragon fleet approaching.

Lo'ak vs

Lo'ak fleeing a Crab Suit.

Lo'ak tries to get the tracker out with the help of the others, meanwhile warning his father of the situation at Neteyam's request over the radio. The children manage to free Payakan from the tracking device, and speed off on their ilus but Quaritch spots them and Scoresby's jetboats enter the water in pursuit. As Neteyam attempts to use the tracking device to lure the fleet away, the other kids begin hiding below the surface. Multiple Mako subs and Crab Suit operators deploy into the water, using their weaponry to hold off the kids' ilu mounts. Lo'ak, Tsireya and Tuk are captured by a Mako sub using a net. Quaritch on his ikran pulls them out of the water and takes them aboard the SeaDragon as hostages.

Lo'ak being arrested

Lo'ak being arrested by the military.

Lo'ak then sees his father and the clan arriving to save them. Quaritch snatches Lo'ak's communicator and orders Jake to surrender, threatening to kill his son. As Jake swims towards the ship, Payakan notices that his friend has been captured and jumps onto the SeaDragon and attacks the crew. The distraction allowed the warriors to attack. At the moment Neteyam arrives and frees Lo'ak, Tsireya and Tuk. The girls jump into the water and begin to swim away. However, Lo'ak grabs a rifle and refuses to leave without saving Spider on board. Lo'ak and Neteyam find Spider and incapacitate his guards; Lo'ak is forced to shoot and kill a soldier during the rescue, which leaves him shaken. Neteyam grabs the gun and rushes him and Spider to escape, but Neteyam is mortally wounded by one of the Recoms.

Avatar The Way of Water 17

Lo'ak at his brother's death.

Realizing this, Lo'ak, Spider, and Tsireya rush him to the nearby rocks. Jake and Neytiri rush in and try to save him with Lo'ak squeezing the bleeding, but after a few minutes, Neteyam perishes. Lo'ak is left painfully devastated by his death and has his hands covered in his brother's blood, apparently feeling guilty. When Jake receives a message from Quaritch that he has his daughters still aboard the sinking SeaDragon, he decides to go rescue them with Neytiri. Lo'ak wants to join his father and help him, but Jake tells that "he's done enough". This added to Lo'ak's guilt and despair.

The Way of Water

Lo'ak telling his father that the way of water has no beginning and no end, and that the sea is around and in Jake.

From afar, Lo'ak witnesses the sinking of the ship. Seeing how his family could be in danger, Lo'ak leaves Tsireya with his brother. He arrives on an ilu and learns from Kiri and Spider that Jake and Neytiri are inside. Lo'ak finds his father unconscious after a fight with Quaritch, who initially mistakes him for Neteyam. Due to the two's air pocket running low, Lo'ak recites Tsireya's mantra about the way of water, coaxing a reluctant Jake into taking his last remaining breath and they attempt to swim to the surface. Payakan arrives and helps Lo'ak and his father get to the surface. Jake tells Lo'ak "I see you". The entire family reunites after the battle, relieved to be together but devastated by Neteyam's death.

Neteyam's funeral[]

Lo'ak cries underwater

Lo'ak cries underwater while reaching towards Neteyam.

Later that night Lo'ak attends his brother's funeral, while Jake and Neytiri bury Neteyam's body at the bottom of the Cove of the Ancestors. Lo'ak bursts into tears and in a last gesture of despair, reaches his arm to Neteyam, saying goodbye to him with big pain. For unclear reasons, Lo'ak does not visit Neteyam inside the Spirit Tree with his parents, although he visits the outside of it, holding onto Payakan who swims around the tree.


Lo'ak is the black sheep of the Sully family who feels like a stranger within his own family and clan. Neteyam is seen lightly teasing him while Kiri claimed she hated him when they were children, calling him a "penis face". Even when Kiri is older, she still lightly shoves him out of her way in a somewhat cold manner. Lo'ak even goes so far to tell Payakan that he's all alone, even though his family is present at the village.

Because Neteyam was favored by the clan, Lo'ak has faced more social isolation and deprivation as a result. He became self-conscious because he resembles a human, having five fingers instead of four as well as eyebrows. This has made him somewhat of an outcast with the Na'vi since many have viewed him as being more human than Na'vi. No mention is made of any friends while living in the forest with the other Na'vi. Lo'ak instead identifies with outcasts like Payakan.

Lo'ak is never shown to being particularly fond of either the Na'vi or humanity, even using the Na'vi word for "demon" to refer to humanity when he uses the phrase "demon ship" (i.e. the SeaDragon), although he is only ever seen calling humanity demons after learning what the RDA did to the tulkun. The Na'vi view Lo'ak like an alien, and Lo'ak does feel like one at times on Pandora. This feeling, a lack of belonging, is not too dissimilar to how some mixed-race people feel; instead of feeling special and part of both worlds, they can feel as if they are neither and as if they are a different species. This is why he has a completely opposite reaction to Kiri when Ronal accuses him of not being a true Na'vi; Kiri shouts "Yes, we are!" but Lo'ak instead stares off into the distance in silence.

Adding to Lo'ak feeling like he does not belong with the Na'vi, it is notable that Lo'ak is never seen praising Eywa and he may be interpreted as being a more irreligious character who is apathetic towards traditional Na'vi spirituality, contrasting Kiri who feels extremely connected to Eywa. When Lo'ak and Kiri visit the Tree of Souls, Lo'ak instead watches her pray at a distance. Lo'ak is skeptical of Eywa's abilities, saying, "I don't think praying is going to do much against starships." Tuk tells Lo'ak her opinion that only Eywa can save them.

Lo'ak swimming

Lo'ak's underwater abilities are said to be better than Neteyam's.

It does not help Lo'ak's loneliness either that Lo'ak has never been portrayed as having any hobbies or talents while in the forest, since the Omatikaya clan contains social groups for shared interests such as hunting, craftmaking, etc. However, Lo'ak picks up and enjoys diving while staying with the Metkayina. The Visual Dictionary even mentions that Lo'ak's ocean skillset is superior than Neteyam's, which delights Lo'ak to his surprise. However, this should not necessarily be confused as being a natural talent since Lo'ak is seen practicing with Tsireya, and it could be viewed that Lo'ak's progress is the result of hard-earned training. Additionally, it is another way for Lo'ak to be closer to Payakan.

Lo'ak tries to remove tracker

Lo'ak trying to save Payakan from being slaughtered by the RDA

Lo'ak is a generally kind boy who is sympathetic towards others and has a desire to help with their sometimes dangerous plights. However, he has inherited his father's stubborn and reckless rebellious nature. Unlike his older brother, Lo'ak greatly values his independence, often disobeying his father’s orders in an attempt to prove his value to him, but this often backfires. For better or for worse, Lo'ak is also shown to be rather forgiving, as he still befriended Aonung after Aonung's actions caused Lo'ak to be nearly mauled to death and eaten by an akula.

While Lo'ak is a troublemaker whose actions tend to offend or annoy others, he does not cause trouble for the sake of it. His motives are altruistic in nature, often trying to help others. Even sneaking off with his siblings is the result of him trying to help them cope with boredom.

Lo'ak double finger

Lo'ak giving Quaritch the double finger

Lo'ak is shown to be very brave and won't hesitate to defy powerful or authoritative figures to do what his heart feels is right. He secretly joined his sister Kiri into sneaking into Hell's Gate to retrieve Spider, attempted to join the frontlines against the RDA, punched Aonung for insulting Kiri and his family, and tried to defend Payakan even when the whole Metkayina clan viewed him as an outcast that deserves alienation. He is shown to be outspoken at times, examples being when he gave Quaritch the double finger and when he attempted to challenge Tonowari's claims about Payakan, showing that Lo'ak doesn't just blindly believe what others tell him.

Neytiri holding Neteyam

Lo'ak's hands covered in his brother's blood

Lo'ak's tendency to get into trouble conflicts with Neteyam, who often takes the blame and consequences for his recklessness. He has a bit of a rivalry with Neteyam, jealous of the love, admiration and acceptance he receives, and wishes he could be seen positively like him; when Aonung said "I must be asking the wrong brother", this was all it took for Lo'ak to accept going outside the reef because he wanted to be seen as being the cooler brother. Despite this, Lo'ak does not hesitate to take charge in chaos, thinking quickly when threatened alone by a underwater beast, and guiding his father out of a sinking ship.



  • His code name during radio communication is "Eagle Eye".
  • Only the right side of Lo'ak's hair is shaved off.
  • James Cameron requested that Lo'ak wear a hair braid in front in order to give him a rebellious quality, the same reasoning as to why John Connor has an asymmetrical hair bang covering his eye in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.[3]
  • Lo'ak's name is similar to lo'akur, the Na'vi word for the Toruk Makto Amulet.[4]
  • In early screen tests, Lo'ak is seen being called "Entu", the name of one of his clan ancestors.[5] Neteyam was also supposed to restrain Lo'ak when he attempts to warn Payakan, prompting Lo'ak to punch Neteyam off. Neteyam would then restrain Lo'ak, causing Lo'ak to apologize, but he manages to escape when Neteyam is off-guard.[6]
    • In the original script, this scene was intended to be even more physical: "Lo’ak SPINS AND CLOCKS NETEYAM IN THE FACE. It’s a nasty right cross with all of Lo’ak’s anger and hurt behind it. Neteyam staggers back -- then recovers and tackles Lo’ak, taking him down. The brothers go at it, rolling around, YELLING and punching. Blows landing." Tsireya then sees the brothers beating up each other and she is horrified. She tries to encourage Aonung and Rotxo to stop them, but the two refuse, viewing it as a brother thing.
  • In the original script, it is Kiri and Spider who receive a hug from Jake at the end, with Tuk joining them. However, Lo’ak stands apart, unable to face his parents. Tsireya sees his anguish and reaches for him, but he pulls away ashamed. There was also no scene earlier where Jake says "I see you" to Lo'ak, nor does Jake bother to thank Lo'ak for saving him in the SeaDragon. This was likely changed in the final version to give Lo'ak more sense of peace.
  • According to The Visual Dictionary, Lo'ak's hairstone was a gift from his sister Tuk.
  • Lo'ak will be the narrator of Avatar 3.[7]
  • They have DEMON BLOOD

    Ronal body shaming Lo'ak in front of her entire clan

    There is a bit of subtle characterization during the scene in which Ronal points out Lo'ak has demon blood in front of her entire clan. Ronal grabs Lo'ak's hand and notably keeps it above far longer than necessary to make her point, as she already made her point with Kiri. After over 10 seconds of this, Lo'ak then flicks his arm away from her in a very fast and rather angry manner, showing his frustration she tried to make him feel insecure about his body far longer than needed. Additionally, she was grabbing him by the wrist and Ronal's arm was taken all the way down, implying Ronal was willing to keep holding onto him, but Lo'ak had enough and was the one who initiated for her to let go of him, giving nuance to Ronal's boldness as well.
  • Lo'ak comforts Tsireya

    Lo'ak staring at his brother's body

    Viewers have pointed out that Lo'ak seems to exhibit symptoms of depersonalization-derealization disorder in order to cope with the trauma and violence of the war. There are times throughout the film he can be seen staring expressionlessly whenever a disturbing incident occurs (sometimes confused for bad/wooden acting), such as when he's viewing his brother's body, and even when he puts his hand on Neteyam's forehead during the funeral.[8] He stares at Neteyam's body as his parents lower Neteyam's body into the yellow tendrils, but the moment Neteyam's body begins to no longer be visible, Lo'ak then finally shows emotion as he realizes his brother is truly gone.
    • In the original script, Lo'ak breaks down in sobs sooner, the moment Neteyam is submerged, instead of when Neteyam disappears out of Lo'ak's sight in the final version.
  • There are multiple parallels between Lo'ak and his father.
    • shares physical human traits with his father.
    • is similar to his father personality wise, being the more reckless and rebellious sibling who does not succeed in fulfilling others' expectations of him as much.
    • has a deceased brother who was killed by a gunshot, just like Jake's brother Tom (although Tom's killer used a knife in the Extended Collector's Edition of the previous film).
    • has to step into his brother's shoes. Jake takes Tom's place in the Avatar Program and Lo'ak inherits responsibilities of being the oldest son.
    • takes a liking to the clan leader's daughter who served as his tutor.
    • escapes from an akula in a similar way Jake escaped from a thanator.
    • bonds with a tulkun, ultimately leading to the pivotal turn in the final battle similar to how Jake helped the Na'vi to defeat the RDA by bonding with a great leonopteryx.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • I hate you! - Lo'ak fighting with Kiri over a toy when both were little
  • I’m telling! You're not supposed to go to the battlefield, I’ll tell Mom if you don’t let me come! - Lo'ak mimicking his younger sister Tuk and claiming she is a baby
  • Sorry, I don't speak English to buttholes. - Lo'ak to Quaritch in Na'vi language
  • I know this hand is funny. Look, I'm a freak. Alien. But I can do something really cool. Watch. First I ball it really tight like this... then... - before punching Aonung
  • It's called a punch, bitch! Don't ever touch my sister again! - threatening Aonung for bullying Kiri
  • Because I know what it's like to be one big disappointment. - to Aonung on why he spoke for him
  • I know how you feel. I feel all alone, too. - to Payakan
  • I know what I know. - challenging Tonowari's views on Payakan
  • No, he won't... He doesn't understand anything! - to Tsireya when she says Jake will understand
  • The whole clan hates me! Demon blood, alien! That's all they see. - venting to Tsireya
  • Yeah, great cuz, never better. - when Spider asks if he is okay while being handcuffed on the ground
  • No, Dad, it's Lo'ak. I'm sorry, sir... I'm sorry about Neteyam. It's all my fault. - to Jake who confuses him for being Neteyam


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