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A Lore Ability is a bonus or skill gained by searching for lore in the DS version of Avatar: The Game. Certain additional skills can be purchased at the Lore Sharing Shrine using essence seeds.

Skill screen

Lore Ability
Ability Title Source Lore Bonus
Eywa's Eye Eywa's Roots Easier essence collection
Eywa's Heart Essence Seeds Faster essence collection
Hero's Strikes Eywa Provides Increased damage when health is low
Life's Energy Woodsprite More efficient ar'lek seed collection
Life's Gift Sacred Willow Automatic ar'lek usage when defeated
Nature's Blessing Ar'lek Seed Increased ar'lek seed capacity
Nature's Force Viperwolf Increased damage resistance
Nature's Guidance Lore Shrine Decreased essence costs
Nature's Touch Alaksi Nari Legend More effective ar'lek seed usage
Predator's Eye bow Increased bow damage
Prolemuris' Resolve Prolemuris Lower time penalties for Prolemuris
Whip Sting Whip Increased whip damage
Warrior's Insight Na'vi Weaponry Increased staff damage
Worker's Strength Worker Faster movement while carrying objects