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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

The Lore Sharing Shrine is a building on the southern edge of the Tawkami clan's village Greenhome. It is home to the Tsahik of the clan. The building itself is centered around a fire pit and a decorative loom.

Avatar: The Game[]

A guard of the Tawkami clan sent Nok to visit the shrine, mistakenly believing that Nok had snuck out of the village to learn from the clan's elders. In actuality, Nok was simply trying to find out why the village was under guard and whether it had anything to do with the Sky People. Nok met the Tsahik in the shrine, who explained the clan's lore gathering tradition.

Other shrines are found throughout the game, usually at the starting point of each region. There, the player can read through the lore they have collected in the game's Pandorapedia equivalent; some lore can be learned to gain abilities or bonuses.