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Alright ladies, let's bring the pain.
Lyle gives the word for his AMP suit squad to deploy.

Corporal Lyle Wainfleet was a human mercenary who worked for the RDA, and a Sec-Ops corporal. As a member of Sec-Ops, Wainfleet's duties included guarding the Hell's Gate compound and command of the AMP suit squad. He also served as one of Trudy Chacón's door gunners on her Samson.

16 years after the death of his human body during the Battle of Ayram Alusìng, Lyle was revived as a Recombinant (Recom) under Project Phoenix and chosen as the team leader of the 1st Recom Squad, with the Recom of Colonel Miles Quaritch serving as his commanding officer.[1]


Lyle was employed by the RDA as a Sec-Ops soldier. He eventually became second in command of the Hell's Gate security forces, serving directly under Colonel Miles Quaritch.

Assisting SciOps (Avatar)[]

Lyle was present during various critical events during the hostile takeover of Pandora by the RDA. He was the additional non-avatar security on Dr. Grace Augustine's sample-collecting mission. Originally assuming to be heading out with the science team, Grace dismissed him, feeling that "one idiot with a gun is enough", referring to Jake Sully, so he remained behind.

Destruction of the Hometree[]

When the Na'vi destroyed several bulldozers and killed the human soldiers on patrol in retaliation for the destruction of the Trees of Voices, one of the Omatikaya clan's most sacred places, Wainfleet reported the scene of the attack to Quaritch and Parker Selfridge, leading to the Destruction of The Hometree. Lyle commanded a door gun on a Samson piloted by Trudy Chacón and was eager to participate in the assault before Trudy refused to fire upon Hometree and returned them both to base. Lyle was confused and annoyed by Trudy's retreat.

Battle of Ayram Alusìng[]


Wainfleet fighting in an AMP suit

When Quaritch mustered all available Sec-Ops units to attack the Na'vi at the Tree of Souls, Wainfleet took point with his AMP suit troopers. Forming up into a skirmish line, both his mechanized and foot-mobile forces held the line against the Na'vi for much of the battle. During the assault, he was able to shoot down Seze, Neytiri's ikran. However, after Pandora's local wildlife entered the fray, he was killed when a hammerhead titanothere rammed into his AMP suit and then crushed him under one of its feet.

The hunt for Jake Sully (Avatar: The Way of Water)[]

It's me Corporal Wainfleet

Wainfleet and Quaritch as Recoms

Years later, Wainfleet was resurrected along with Quaritch and Sean Fike with the most elite soldiers of Quaritch as Recombinants. Wainfleet was promoted to lieutenant for his loyalty and became Quaritch’s Second in command in the Recom squad. Wainfleet was so eager to see Quaritch revived that he immediately appeared in front of him while he was awakening, causing Quaritch to panic.

While violently interrogating the Ta'unui clan, Wainfleet openly wonders whether or not the crew will kill the Tsahìk, which seems to make Quaritch reluctant.

During the Skirmish at the Three Brothers, while riding his ikran, he captures Kiri in the water and brings her to the S-76 SeaDragon where he handcuffs her; she is also annoyed at him for calling her buttercup, claiming he is a perv. Soon after, during Spider's rescue, Wainfleet is one of two Recoms who shot at Neteyam who ended up being fatally wounded.[2]

Jake vs Wainfleet

Jake fighting Wainfleet on the SeaDragon

Later on the SeaDragon, Jake fought Wainfleet while trying to rescue Kiri and Tuktirey. Jake managed to throw him off the side of the SeaDragon, and he is sitting hitting part of the ship and falling underwater. Wainfleet mysteriously disappeared for the rest of the ship's sinking. He is the only member of Quaritch's squad to survive after all the battles.

Personality and traits[]

Wainfleet smiles

Wainfleet smiling when the Avatar Program is cancelled

Wainfleet is an ignorant grunt and a mercenary who only fights for two reasons: the brutal thrill of hurting others, and a paycheck. He embodies the concept of "might makes right" and when he enters his AMP Suit, it provides him with a sense of supreme moral authority. He is meant to portray the uglier side of militaries when they can be at their worst: ugly aggressors.[3]

Wainfleet was not a vocal member of the Sec-Ops force, instead preferring to let his weapons and his superior, Colonel Quaritch, do the talking, even though he was present for several critical events during the days that lead to the RDA's expulsion from Pandora. Unlike Trudy, his experiences with the scientists of the Avatar Program did not sway him to their cause, and he joined Quaritch's force during the Battle of Ayram Alusìng.

As a Recom, Wainfleet remained loyal to both Quaritch and the RDA. Like the rest of the Recom squad, he had developed at least a few Na'vi traits, such as learning the native language and bonding with an ikran.

We really gonna waste her

Wainfleet seems uncomfortable shooting the Tsahìk

In one instance, Wainfleet did display at least a small degree of compassion. While in search of Jake Sully, Quaritch had begun rounding up and interrogating Na'vi villagers for Sully's location. He threatened to have a Na'vi woman executed if they did not cooperate. The notion of killing the unarmed Na'vi seemed to make Wainfleet at least somewhat uncomfortable. He openly questioned Quaritch if they were truly going to follow through with the threat. Luckily Spider was able to talk down Quaritch.


Recom Wainfleet with M69-AR

Wainfleet using a sniper rifle

Lyle was a fierce and able soldier, and often seemed to enjoy himself when engaged in combat. He appeared to be skilled with an AMP suit, gunning down many Na'vi as well as Neytiri's ikran, Seze, with a GAU-90 in the final battle.

As a Recom Wainfleet has become even more dangerous. His military training, combined with his new found Na'vi size, strength, and speed make him even more deadly.


In the Games[]

Avatar: Reckoning[]

Wainfleet has a small cameo. He is seen in an AMP Suit during a brief holographic simulation which shows him fighting Neytiri.

Avatar: Pandora Rising[]


Wainfleet in Avatar: Pandora Rising

With a basic - might makes right - attitude that drives his every action, Lyle Wainfleet is the Sec-Ops soldier that believes a bigger AMP Suit makes him the bigger man. As one of Colonel Quaritch's loyal men, Wainfleet is a soldier who doesn't fight for a cause, but rather for the RDA paycheck or the sheer brutal thrill of hurting. Although he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, Wainfleet is a highly-proficient marksman, an incredibly skilled AMP Suit driver with countless hours in the field, and has no qualms about using every dirty trick in the book to overwhelm his opponent in combat situations.[4]


Wainfleet game

The scrapped Wainfleet in Avatar: The Game

  • Wainfleet's model can be found in the files of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game but he does not appear in the final game for unknown reasons.
  • In the original script, Wainfleet's role was significantly larger. He was something of a moral antagonist to Josh Sully and often came into conflict with the operator of the avatar. Wainfleet was also involved in several additional scenes: for example, during the first arrival in the jungle, staying behind to guard the ship, Wainfleet shot several Direhorses passing the edge of the clearing, causing Grace to fly into a fit of rage, and it was this episode that served as the beginning of the feud between Josh and the mercenary.
  • Wainfleet originally had a much larger role envisioned for him. In James Cameron's early scriptments, Wainfleet served as Quaritch's senior enlisted man, and cultivated an enmity with Jake Sully after he tried to shoot Grace's avatar in their first mission.
  • Wainfleet is a rural town in Southern Ontario about an hour's drive from Cameron's native Chippewa, Ontario. It is often the butt of good-natured jokes around the region, and quite possibly the inspiration for this character's name.
  • In the script, Lyle stumbles across Tsu'tey after he fell from the Valkyrie shuttle, where he had been shot to the forest floor below, and cuts off his queue, leaving him screaming in agony.[5]
  • The scream Wainfleet emits before he is killed is later heard when one of the mercenaries is crushed between two large crates of explosives on the Valkyrie.
  • In a deleted scene from the Extended Collector's Edition, Wainfleet's death is different; he is pulled out of his AMP suit and crushed by Neytiri's thanator.[6] Another deleted scene shows him killing Norm Spellman's avatar.[7]
  • In The Way of Water, Wainfleet is heard saying "Oorah!" twice when Quaritch watches the video log. This is a battle cry in the Marines. This is not the first time "Oorah" is heard in the series as Jake also said it climbing Iknimaya.
  • In an extended deleted scene for The Way of Water, Wainfleet is shown to be ready to kill the Ta'unui Tsahìk, telling Quaritch, "Just say the word, Colonel." This contrasts the final film which makes him look more on the fence.
  • Recom Wainfleet's first appearance

    Wainfleet seen in the meme

    An image of Wainfleet in The Way of Water spawned a meme known as Staring Avatar Guy.
  • In the original The Way of Water script, Wainfleet says, "that is just wrong" while watching Ro'a being hunted, a reference to the first film.

Memorable Quotes[]


  • Look at all this fresh meat! - Lyle referring to the new troops arriving at Hell's Gate
  • Sean Fike: Hey check this out, man. Meals on wheels.
    Lyle: Oh, man, that is just wrong.
    - Lyle and Fike see Jake Sully in a wheelchair, coming from the Valkyrie shuttle
  • It looks like they hit with banshees first. See the angle's steep? They set the AMP suit on fire. Driver's toast. - Lyle reporting the Na'vi's assault to the Operations Center
  • Alright ladies, let's bring the pain. - Lyle gives the word for his AMP suit squad to deploy
  • Yeah! Get some! - Lyle firing his GAU-90 at Na'vi horsemen during the assault on the Tree of Souls

Avatar: The Way of Water[]

  • Colonel, check it out. Four fingers... we got a half-breed. - Lyle finds out that Kiri is different
  • We really going to waste her? - considering killing the Ta'unui Tsahìk
  • Hey, light 'em up! - Lyle orders his team to burn down the Ta'unui clan's marui
  • Let's go, buttercup. - Lyle making Kiri feel uncomfortable





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