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MBS-22A Automated Sentry Gun
Weapon Information

Sentry and mounted patrol

Used by
Manufactured in
Manufactured by

Masa-Cirre Ltd., Modular Belt Systems Divison


110 kilograms


1.889 meters

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The MBS-22A Sentry Gun is the turret of choice for perimeter defense on Hell's Gate.


MBS-22A Automated Sentry Gun The MBS-22A's primary function on Pandora has been as an automated perimeter defense sentry gun. Situated on towers around Hell's Gate, this weapon can defend against both air and ground attacks at up to 488 meters. It has proven remarkably effective against predatory creatures that stray too close to the compound. The weapon uses a tri-rail system, much like the MBS-9M Hydra, that incorporates three barrels in alternate uses to allow each barrel to cool momentarily. The MBS-22A features 20mm ball-bearings or needles as ballistics, firing at 6000 rounds per minute collectively (2000 rpm per barrel). It also has a selective fire control that when commanded via remote control, can fire either sequentially, in pulses, or single barrel automatic.

RDA Turret Machine Gun is a manned high-explosive, heavy-duty superweapon used by the RDA that first appears in Avatar: The Game. It is usually situated on towers near RDA bases and camps. It uses a 2.2 meter long ammunitions belt of solid brass-titanium "needle" bullets. Any living creature that gets to close to the base is dispatched by the Turret. The Turret uses a huge dark silver and red MBS-9M .50 Hydra weapon that utilizes superior gyroscoping precision infused with the CARB (Cellular Ammunition Rifle Base) system for gyroscopic accuracy.

Automatic Turret MBS-22A is an older unmanned version. Heavily armored, automated versions were in use some time prior to 2152. The armor was resistant to Na'vi weaponry. However, the sensor ring on the top front part of the turret was vulnerable to hunting arrows. It's primary function is as an automated perimeter defense sentry gun. This weapon can defend both air and land attacks at a range of up to 500 meters.


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