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Marshall Lamm is the founder of Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE).

Lamm previously lived on Pandora for several years and played a crucial role in bringing the Na'vi and the human Earth ex-pat communities together. He also serves on the board for the Pandora Conservation Initiative.[1] His role in building a strong working partnership between Na'vi and humans lead to the current eco-tourism industry on Pandora and fulfilled his lifelong journey to make travel to Pandora possible for others.[2]

Lamm has also developed a Na'vi language translation and learning device for travelers to Pandora.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lamm's role in the specifics of how humans get to Pandora has changed over the course of Pandora: The World of Avatar's development. In his first appearance, he originally introduced the collaboration between ACE and Disney's Animal Kingdom in simply recreating the environments of Pandora on Earth for everyone to experience instead of actual space travel.[4] After the 2017 Visit Pandora site launch, his bio has changed additional times to expand on previous information.[1][2]
  • Letters from Lamm to his wife and to the board members of ACE appear in Sat'uli Canteen.

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