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Avatar: Pandora Rising

Mason Williams is one of the controllable commanders from RDA side in Avatar: Pandora Rising mobile game.

Biography[edit | edit source]

As a child, Mason was always fascinated by fire. Raised by his grandparents, he lived in a house that always had a lighter handy, and he soon learned how much fun it was to watch things burn. Watching wrapping paper burn in the fireplace, or harnessing the sun through a glass lens to burn ants, it all delighted him. While playing around with an old-fashioned toaster, he accidentally sparked a blaze which was terrifying but also exhilarating. The fire burned his home to cinders. Now homeless, his grandparents needed to get him settled and decided that he might straighten out if placed into the regimented ranks of an RDA SecOps program. They were right. After years of specialized training, Mason made his way to Pandora as a flamethrower operative, and there's not a tree, shrub, plant, or patch of green he's not happy to meet with his Bush Boss Flamethrower[1].

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