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Flight of Passage

The Metkayina are a lesser known Na'vi clan, located on Pandora's reefs. The clan's Olo'eyktan is Tonowari, and it is unknown who the clan's Tsahìk is, if it has one.

This clan makes use of their extensive and diverse habitat in many ways, such as building entire villages entwined with the roots of massive mangrove-like trees that grow on the atolls, and fishing for food in large tidepool structures that span the coastlines. The Metkayina have a close relationship with water, and just as clans such as the Omatikaya and Tipani ride direhorses to trek the land masses of Pandora, the Metkayina use ilus as their companion of choice for gliding across the Pandoran oceans.

The clan is known to be inspired by the Māori people of Earth, with Māori actors from the cast of the Avatar sequels working with James Cameron to incorporate elements of indigenous New Zealand cultures into the clan's customs and traditions. Notably, Cliff Curtis and James Cameron worked together to adapt a traditional haka dance into a Na'vi inspired dance for the clan to perform.[1]

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