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We have tried to teach other Sky People. It is hard to fill a cup which is already full.
Mo'at to Jake regarding humanity

Mo'at is the Tsahìk, or spiritual leader, of the Omatikaya clan. She is seen as a psychic or a 'bridge' to the Na'vi beliefs - more specifically, Eywa. Mo'at is the mate of the former clan leader, Eytukan, the mother of Neytiri and Sylwanin, Jake Sully's mother-in-law and grandmother of Neteyam, Kiri, Lo'ak and Tuktirey.


Early life[]

Little is known about Mo'at's early life, other than that she must have been born sometime between 2095-2104, and that her name means "dream catcher" in the Na'vi language.

When humans arrived on Pandora and began colonizing it during the 2120s, the first clan they encountered were the Omatikaya. Mo'at learned how to speak English from them while Eytukan did not, hinting towards Mo'at having a curious and open-minded nature towards the aliens who the Na'vi called the Sky People.

At some point, Mo'at and Eytukan had a daughter named Sylwanin. In 2136, the couple had a second daughter whom they named Neytiri.

The Poisoning Incident (Avatar: Adapt or Die)[]

Around a decade before the events of the first film, Mo'at met Grace Augustine, an avatar, and the two formed a friendship of sorts. During one of their conversations, Grace proposed to open a school where children could learn about humans. At first Mo'at was skeptical, though she was quickly convinced of this plan, however the leader of the clan Eytukan was against the idea, although he decided that the decision would be left to the children. When the positive decision to start a school was finally made, further activities were interrupted by the outbreak of a mysterious illness among the Omatikaya children.

Mo'at worked closely with Grace in her efforts to find a cure. Despite the Na'vi's widespread resentment towards the Sky People, which has been deepened by the whole situation, Mo'at has not stopped trusting or helping Grace. Together, they traveled to the Tawkami clan and persuaded Mireya to help them despite her disagreement. When Grace's avatar was also infected and rendered unconscious, Mo'at found it and dragged it to safety on its own, facing off against, among others, two thanators. Mo'at emphasized that she was only helping Grace because she was convinced that the scientist would do the same for her.

Grace cure

Grace and Mo'at developing a cure

When Grace returned to the Omatikaya in her human form, Mo'at defended her from fellow clansmen who did not want her help. Grace persuaded Mo'at to visit Hell's Gate, where they worked together on a cure in a makeshift laboratory station; At the same time, Mo'at expressed a deep dislike for "unnatural" human practices. However, Grace only powdered the syekalin flower to cure the Na'vi, and with Mo'at's permission, gave it to sick children her daughter Neytiri who was also infected by the disease. They immediately began to recover and Mo'at praised Grace's "teaching" approach towards children, implying her approval to open the school.

Death of Sylwanin[]

In 2152, Mo'at's daughter, Sylwanin, was killed by the RDA, causing the school to be closed and the Omatikaya clan to ban any contact with humans.

Arrival of Jake Sully (Avatar & Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path)[]

The day prior to Jake Sully's arrival, Mo'at and her mate, Eytukan, are training their future successors, Neytiri and Tsu'tey at the Tree of Souls. After Tsu'tey's apprentices and hunting party arrive, Eytukan dismisses Tsu'tey, but Mo'at orders Neytiri to stay behind to continue their training, to Neytiri's annoyance.


Mo'at meets Jake Sully

After Neytiri takes Jake to the Omatikaya and introduces him to Mo'at, who examines him and asks his name and the purpose of his presence. Jake presents himself as a warrior who wishes to learn the ways of the Na'vi. Mo'at tells Neytiri to teach Jake the Na'vi culture, and her daughter reluctantly accepts the responsibility. When Jake is accepted into the clan months later, Mo'at proudly places her hands on his shoulder as the group connects their arms.

Later, however, Mo'at begins to regret her decision to welcome Jake into her clan as Jake and Neytiri begin to fall in love. When the RDA bulldozes the Tree of Voices, Mo'at does not protest when her clan decides to form a war party led by Tsu'tey, nor does she protest after Tsu'tey claims Grace is not allowed to speak to the clan. When Tsu'tey, who was intended to become Neytiri's mate, realizes that Jake and Neytiri had mated, Mo'at asks Neytiri if it was true and she confirmed that it was. Mo'at is not happy about this and is even less happy when Jake reveals that he had been ordered to spy on the Na'vi.

Destruction of the Hometree[]


A horrified Mo'at cries after Hometree's destruction

During the attack on Hometree by the RDA, Mo'at remained in the tree to protect those who could not engage the RDA forces in direct combat. However, both she and the other members were driven out by gas rounds fired by the attacking aircraft. When destruction seemed imminent, a distraught Mo'at approaches Jake and Grace who have been tied up by the Na'vi.

As the Na'vi flee into the woods, Mo'at approaches Jake with a knife and holds it to his throat, causing Grace to shout at her not to kill him. Despite her knowledge that Jake had infiltrated the Omatikaya with the original intent of deception, she frees both of them, desperately requesting Jake's help after doing so, telling him that if he truly belongs with them then he should do what he can. However, the Hometree is destroyed, leaving Mo'at and her clan was distraught.

Tsu'tey's condolences

Tsu'tey expresses his condolences to Mo'at regarding Eytukan

When Tsu'tey found Mo'at after Eytukan's death, she blessed Tsu'tey as the new Olo'eyktan. Together with the survivors, Mo'at journeys to the Tree of Souls where she and Tsu'tey perform Eytukan's funeral and place woodsprites on his body. Mo'at leads the entire clan in praying to Eywa and honoring their deceased members. When Jake returns to the clan as Toruk Makto, he asks for Mo'at's help as Grace is dying. Mo'at tries to save her by performing a consciousness transfer ritual, supported by prayers from the clan. However, Grace dies from her injuries.

Battle of Ayram Alusìng[]

Jake stays on Pandora forever

3D Version: red/cyancross-eyedMo'at transfers Jake's consciousness

While Jake and Neytiri rallied the clans for battle with the RDA, Mo'at stayed at the Tree of Souls to care for the wounded and organize other funerals for the fallen clan members. During the Battle of Ayram Alusìng, Mo'at watches the battle from under the tree. After the Na'vi triumphed over the Sky People and banished them from Pandora, Mo'at attempts to transfer Jake's consciousness permanently into his avatar body. This time, the ritual succeeds.

Aftermath of the Battle (Avatar: The Next Shadow)[]

Two weeks after the battle, the Omatikaya clan is temporarily relocated near Hell's Gate, and Mo'at continues to serve as the clan's Tsahìk. One day, she and Jake visit a healing area to assist the injured Omatikaya, including a fearful Yeyongo and her child. Yeyongo refuses to let humans heal her burned child and tells Mo'at she is afraid. Mo'at calmly convinces her to let the humans help and Yeyongo is relieved when her child is no longer in pain. This is much to the chagrin of Mo'at's old rival, Tsu'tey's mother Artsut, who does not want Yeyongo to accept medicine from humans.

Looking over the injured members, Jake is regretful and guilty of having caused them so much harm. Mo'at assures him that he is following Eywa's path and to let go of his shame. Artsut becomes angry and yells at Mo'at that she spits in Eywa's face; Jake tries to reason with her but Mo'at dismisses it as just a continuation of her and Artsut's old feud. Moments later, Artsut's mate, Ateyo, and their son, Arvok, arrive in the healing area and Arvok formally challenges Jake to First Blood. Mo'at explains the details of the ritual to Jake and warns that it is extremely dangerous as the outcome is permanently binding. Jake agrees to the challenge despite this.

Mo'at confronts Arvok

Mo'at confronts Arvok about his crime.

Mo'at gathers the clan in an open area and announces the terms of the First Blood to them: whoever won the challenge would be the new clan leader. The ritual commences and Jake easily defeats Arvok, though he is casual about the situation which Arvok perceives as arrogance. Out of anger, he throws his knife at Jake, not knowing it had been poisoned by Artsut. Jake catches the knife and collapses after cutting his hand and being infected by the poison.

Mo'at falls to his side and announces that Arvok had poisoned Jake, ordering him to explain himself. Artsut and Ateyo declare themselves the new leaders of the clan to Arvok's confusion. The mates blame the entire situation on Arvok, who flees into the jungle with warriors pursuing him. The clan initially agrees with Artsut and Ateyo's leadership until Mo'at and Ka'ani realize Jake is still alive and therefore still the clan leader and brings him to the Tree of Souls despite Artsut's protests. Mo'at contacts Norm Spellman, asking him to bring Katherine Hale and her squad to the tree.

After Hale and Norm arrive, Mo'at requests that she and her squad bring a special flower that could be used as an antidote for Jake and explains that it can only be found in a cave that has an entrance too small for a Na'vi to fit through. Hale reluctantly agrees, and hours later, returns with the flower, Mo'at turns it into an into the antidote and administers it to Jake, resuscitating him, just as Artsut and the rest of the Rongloa family return. Arvok suggests they be exiled as punishment, which Mo'at agrees is acceptable. She watches as the family leaves and stands by Jake while he assures the clan he will do his best to lead them.

New Hometree and the return of humans (Avatar: The High Ground & Avatar: The Way of Water)[]

Neteyam Son of Jakesully

Mo'at celebrating Neteyam's birth

After years of peace Mo'at became a grandmother to three biological grandchildren Neteyam, Lo'ak and Tuktirey and an adoptive granddaughter Kiri. In 2168, by decision of the council of elders, for whom Pentìyaru spoke, the Omatikaya clan was granted a new Hometree. Mo'at had the honor of announcing this fact to her clan, and they all engaged in joint celebration. She led a ritual chant in honor of the Hometree, which was joined by all the Omatikayas, including the Sully family.

Mo'at and the clan singing a ritual in honor of the Hometree

Mo'at and the clan singing a ritual in honor of the new Hometree.

Concerned about the impending reinvasion of the humans, Jake spoke on the clan forum and tried to convince them to return to the village of Hell's Gate, as he believed they would be in a more favorable position to defend themselves there. Mo'at opposed him, convinced that they would be quite safe in the new Hometree. Later, when the group relocated to the High Camp, Kiri came across Mo'at and mentioned she is sad about leaving. Mo'at told her that change is a part of life and is what someone makes of it. Mo'at also asked Kiri to take care of Tuktirey.

Saying Goodbye[]

Mo'at tending Neteyam's wounds

Mo'at tending Neteyam's wounds

After destroying a Mag-Lev Train and Neteyam being wounded, Jake, Neytiri and their sons returned to High Camp where Mo'at tended to Neteyam's wounds with Kiri.

Faced with the growing threat of humans, Jake decided to pass the leadership of chief to Tarsem and the Sully family was forced to leave their home and go to the lands of the Metkayina clan. However, Mo'at did not go with them, since the Omatikaya still needs their Tsahìk. Her reaction to the departure of his family is not seen.

Personality and traits[]


Mo'at singing at the Tree of Souls

As the Tsahìk of the Omatikaya clan, Mo'at has a strong connection to Eywa as well as possessing great wisdom. She is confident that Eywa has a plan for her people, and for this reason, she is liberal and accepting when it comes to the idea of change, both for herself and for her people. Mo'at does not quite understand her daughter's resistance when it comes to change. An example of Mo'at's open-minded nature is that she chose to learn the Sky People's language while her husband did not.

Moat Help us

"If you are one of us, help us."

Mo'at tries whatever she can to keep the peace within the clan. Mo'at loved her daughter and her mate a great deal and cared deeply for her people. She cared so much about her clan that she was even willing to put aside betrayal and deception in order to keep her people safe, as proven when she freed Jake and Grace from their bindings during the destruction of Hometree and pleaded with Jake to save her people.

Mo'at initially disapproved of Jake and Neytiri's relationship; though she had been the one who ordered Neytiri to teach Jake the ways of the Na'vi, she did not intend for them to fall in love. Nevertheless, she seemed to harbor much respect for Jake, especially after he became the sixth Toruk Makto in Na'vi history. She decided to save Jake's life when Neytiri once left him to die, and Mo'at has often sided with him during arguments.


Mo'at possesses great knowledge about consciousness transfers and has the ability to lead the ritual that transfers a human's consciousness permanently into his or her respective avatar. She is also a skilled healer.[3]


Avatar: Pandora Rising[]


Mo'at in Avatar: Pandora Rising

The Tsahìk of the Omatikaya clan, Mo'at is the spiritual leader of her people. They look to her for wisdom and guidance through good times and bad. As a highly skilled botanist, herbalist, and medicine woman, Mo'at knows how to unlock all the secrets of the flora of Pandora.


Mo'at runs

Mo'at running in Adapt or Die

  • She dons a special thorn across her neck with a hand blade under it.
  • In the non-final version of the script, Grace calls Mo'at the "Queen Bitch" which suggests Grace resents Mo'at somewhat for being exiled from the clan. This greatly contrasts Adapt or Die which depicts them as being allies.
  • In James Cameron's original script, her name was "Mo'at Pohatsua" which means "Dreamcatcher". Her role did not differ from the role in the film: the mother of the clan, she was responsible for the Tsumongwi's interaction with the forest, teaching music and medicine.
  • While her full name is unknown due to her mother's name not being known, it would likely resemble "Mo'at te Tskaha _____'ite"
  • An image of Mo'at running in Adapt or Die received popularity in the Avatar community due to the gallant way she is running and the position of her legs and right foot, contrasting the serious nature Mo'at is known for.
  • In a deleted scene of The Way of Water, a distraught Neytiri cries in her mother's arms before leaving for Awa'atlu. Tuktirey hugs Mo'at and asks her grandmother if she can come too, but Mo'at declines, saying the people need their tsahìk.

Memorable Quotes[]


  • Learn well, Jakesully, then we will see if your insanity can be cured. - Mo'at to Jake upon his introduction to the Omatikaya clan
  • Is this true? - Mo'at to Neytiri, when discovering that her daughter and Jake are mated
  • If you are one of us, help us! - Mo'at pleading with Jake to help the clan when the RDA forces attacked Hometree
  • The Great Mother may choose to save all that she is, in this body. She must pass through the eye of Eywa and return. But, Jakesully, she is very weak. - Mo'at warning Jake that Grace's transition may be problematic
  • Her wounds were too great. It was not enough time. She is with Eywa now. - Mo'at to Jake after Grace dies during the consciousness transfer process

Avatar: The Way of Water[]

  • Oh, you would? And who is Tsahìk? - debating about which bark is better with Kiri


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