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Molly Ossman
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Molly Ossman

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Dr. Anthony Ossman - father



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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

Molly Ossman is a human girl in an avatar body and is first thought of by Nok as a strange Na'vi. She wears human clothing, has an unusual physical appearance and speaks Na'vi with a bizarre accent.

Molly Ossman is the daughter of Dr. Anthony Ossman. She is in a coma, and her only way to interact with people is in her avatar body. Although her father says that everything he does is in her name, Molly respects the native land and sometimes will go against her father's wishes to help Nok save the Trees of Souls.

Avatar: The Game[]

Molly in her Link Pod

Nok meets her in the Skycliffs, assuming her to be from a distant tribe he has not heard of. He later discovers that she is an avatar, although it took him a while to understand that humans could change their bodies. Her father took her away from Site 32 when he discovered that it had been compromised, and they fled to the base in the Distant Forest.

Nok pursued them there and met Molly again. She told him about the oxygen cell deep in the base that the humans used to refill their masks, and Nok ploughed on in to destroy it.



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