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The Mons Veritatis (or Mountain of Truth, in some sources misspelled Mons Veritas - Mountain Truth) is one of the largest mountains in the Hallelujah Mountains. Its peak is located higher than 2,600 m above the ground. The mountain is covered with vegetation and inhabited by large colonies of mountain banshees. In the course of time, roots, climbing plants and smaller floating mountains combined in a way that allows the Na'vi to climb up to the Mons Veritatis to reach the Banshee Rookery. This path is called Ayawa Ikran, or Iknimaya, which is also the name of a fundamental rite of passage that every young Na'vi of the Omaticaya clan has to pass, and involves capturing and bonding with a banshee.

Mons Veritatis rests in the synonymously named Iknimaya region, an area inhabited by the Tipani Clan. The Tipani have even constructed a village at the base of the path to the rookery. The mountain was the center of a large battle in 2152.

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